PTX-40A failure list (AKA match-ups) *OLD TOPIC.*

Redoing this in more detail now that we’re starting to figure out how to play PTX properly against many of his major threats.


Ryu can be dangerous, but at the same time he’s not nearly as threatening as some other characters. Some Ryus without experience on PTX will try to spam hadoukens from a distance. Block for a while, then time a riot tacke to go off as soon as you see them start to do this. Ryu’s at his scariest when he has meter. All his supers deal many hits, and will dizzy PTX easily. His level 3 does great damage and allows him to juggle you after it hits. He also deals good damage with just his strong moves. His invulnerable shoryuken can also be a huge pain, since he can use it to escape your rockets. Other than this though, Ryu isn’t too bad.


Ken is one of the most frustrating opponents ever. He can fly around all day to build meter and is very hard to pin down and hit. Trying to stay one step ahead of him is always important. His projectile is equally annoying since it hits on the way back as well, making it difficult to approach him without taking damage. You can, however, use this to your advantage since it will give you a bit of chip to use for baroque. His level 1 grab super and his level 3 work on you, so be careful of these moves. The level 1 is not so threatening, but his level 3 hurts a lot. He can also teleport around and cross you up, which is not nice if he has a Tekkaman assist.

=Chun Li=

Chun Li has a few worrying points about her. Her lightning legs deal good damage and slow you down a lot during your attacks because of the super armour. By itself this isn’t so bad, but when she has a level 3 in stock, it means that being hit by lightning legs ensures you’re going to take a lot of damage. Not much can be done about this, but if you play safe and watch out for the relatively low-range lighting legs, you should be alright.


Cash-earned certainly knows his stuff when it comes to taking down giant robots, since this was his forte in both the original Casshern anime and also Casshern SINS (in which case he takes down giant robots with ANGST and REGRET). You’ll certainly feel some angst if you let him get all over you as well. Casshern can dismantle PTX slowly with a range of different threats. His C version drill kick attack knocks PTX down and can lead into a combo from his level 1 pillar super. His dog Friender allows him to stun PTX and then juggle him normally. Casshern also has a bullshit infinite off Friender too, and if you get hit by this, it’s pretty much Game Over. However, Casshern is somewhat more predictable than the other major threats. Friender is not hard to spot or defend against and can be knocked away with any attack, and the air drill kick can be punished. Play safely and smartly and you can defeat Casshern and eat him to stop the ruin. It’s not just a myth. But just remember…he’s B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.


Morrigan…she may not seem like it, but she is one of PTX’s biggest threats by far. Morrigan has a variety of very worrysome options against PTX. Her most common tactic is to run away all day and spam her Soul Fist attack to build meter and harass. This is not so bad since PTX’s riot tackles and guns can put her in her place. The worst thing about Morrigan by far is her command grab. If she can get in close, she can use her 5C to stun PTX greatly and then immediately combo into her command grab. This means that she has nothing to fear from PTX up close, because if she’s ever in doubt, she can just grab him. Due to the speed of her walk, she can also get a free command grab off on you at the start of the match, and basically every other time she gets within range to land a hit. It adds up quickly, but aside from this she has no infinites nor juggles. Her level 3 is also bastardly strong and easy for her to land.

A bad matchup but not a terrible one. Polymar doesn’t have much he can do to you at mid range *where PTX can often hit anyone with his ranged moves and even normals) but when he gets close, he is quite capable of ripping PTX apart single handedly. His A and B normals can all be cancelled into 6B, which allows him to cross over to PTX’s other side to avoid attacks. You should use 5C since it can hit behind to punish this tactic, but the worst part of it is that he can use it to crossup on Tekkaman assist as well. Polymar’s level 3 and his level 1 Shinkuu Katatekoma both hurt really badly. But since he doesn’t have many other defensive options and both these supers are kinda slow, you should be able to make a comeback with sensible use of baroque and rockets.


Batsu has a juggle infinite off his level 3 with certain partners, but that’s not so bad since it’s megacrashable and doesn’t do too much damage too quickly. His Ryusai Kicks can be annoying since they make it hard to hit him, but other than this he isn’t too much of a worry. Batsu’s largest advantage over PTX is that his level 1 super Zenkai Kiaidan is detatched from his body, which means that even if you hit him while he’s doing the move, it won’t stop. This means that pretty much every time he can hitconfirm this move, PTX is going to end up stunned and juggled, which is not nice at all.


Probably PTX’s worst match up by far, yet still with a hope of winning always. Karas has one move that can break PTX and that’s his chain. This attack will send PTX crashing against the wall where he can be hit with a high-damage unscaled infinite. The chain itself comes out fast and goes far. BUT…there is hope. Karas’s chain can only be fired along the ground, and it does not effect PTX when he’s jumping and it can also be attacked through with riot tackles or the chainsaws. Karas also dies very easily due to having the worst defense in the game. As PTX, you should be jumping a lot in this matchup. Never approach on the ground, since all the riot tackles are unsafe without baroque. Just blocking the chain gives PTX chip red life which is good for closing the holes in his offense. Never go for anything risky unless you have baroque ready. Approach Karas mainly with J.A, J.B and J.C. Remember that every time you land after doing an aerial you can immediately block. Try to pushblock the chain if it gets predictable and retalliate with a chainsaw or riot tackle. Once you have enough meter for megacrash, start going for grab traps and heavy baroque combos to finish Karas off. Level 1 barrage super with rocket(s) is also an option if you want him to just get out quickly. Another word of warning: NEVER use the chiansaw super unless you’re sure it will KO him.


A pretty safe matchup really. When he hits 3 levels and goes super sayan, Just grab him a lot and waste his time, or sit in the corner and block.


Another character with those stupid command grabs. Daimou’s command grabs are horrible in that they spit PTX out against the wall, allowing him to juggle and combo. He also has a decent range game with his falling trash, and his level 3 is rather deadly too. He is also one of the few characters who ends up behind you after teching, making it difficult to do the corner grab trap on him.


Saki is another one of those characters that you should just try to avoid. She has so much bs against the giants that it’s not funny. Not only does she have a solid keepaway game, but her level 1 piercing armour shot is free damage as it’s huge and unblockable and deals a lot of damage for an unblockable full-screen projectile. Every time she has meter, she can hurt you. Besides this, she also has a fast command grab that allows for PTX to be juggled after it hits, and a level 3 counter super that works against him as well. Her multi-hitting lazers and her diagonal level 1 beam super also do a good job of stunning PTX. Probably the only way to really fight her is to get in close and hope she doesn’t get a chance to charge and fire her lazuh.

=Gold Lightan=

Don’t let him get close, and watch out for those Aerial gold crashes. Other than that, spam C version chain saw all day. There’s not much he can do to retalliate. You also have plenty of time to tech his 360 throw, so remember that.


He has lots of command grabs and a really dangerous level 3 super, but aside from that, he’s slow and needs to get close for his grabs to work. Just be careful when facing him, and be prepared to take damage.


Ippatsuman’s biggest threat comes from his baseball bat home run super. It sprays PTX with projectiles and does a lot of damage up close, and can easily stun. His level 3 might also look intimidating, but you can just run to the corner and block to avoid it for the most part, unless he starts charging his big laser, in which case just fire your guns upwards to hit him. He can use this move to avoid your rocket too, which is never nice.

=Rock Volnutt=

He has a solid keep away game, and can juggle after his level 3 but is otherwise not so bad. Probably the most annoying thing about him is when he does a super jump and just hovers there firing his guns. His drill moves also seem to do a lot of damage and can stun easily, so be careful for those.

more coming soon

Some of these tethers/grappling hook/whatever may be unsafe for some characters. I think even a riot tackle can even bypass this (like real super armor should), but this needs a little more testing. Oh yeah, just use the A version sparingly and at the right distances for a combo opp. Alex isn’t that big of threat either, you can keep him away pretty easy with 2B. Air grabs don’t seem to work on the giants. Hope isn’t all lost!

I’d like to remain optimistic about this. But it’s looking pretty bad. You don’t seem to be able to use riot tackle to bypass the ropes, although it does knock away Casshern’s dog.

I know it certainly doesn’t stop the Karas/Tekka rope and it doesn’t stop Yatterman’s kendama.

If you have machine guns, you can try to pushblock Tekkaman’s rope and then fire your machineguns at him, but besides that, PTX doesn’t have any way of crossing the screen fast enough to punish this move, even on pushblock.

Out of curiosity, do you play wi-fi online? I noticed this is a vs list for the Japanese version.

I’m building up a good amount of BP and so far the only characters that remained a consistent threat were Tekkaman, Tekkaman Blade, and Casshern. Joe the Condor, Saki, and Doronjo managed to be annoying at times.

It could be because I haven’t met too many good players online, or that none of them knows how to fought a giant yet, but I am somehow managing a 79% win rate with around 4.2k BP without ever rage quitting and I main PTX-40A.

This isn’t to brag, but I hardly see PTX-40A as the bad character that people percieve him to be.

Sadly my connection is too bad and my location is too poor to really play online with US players without a lot of lag. PTX and Lightan are kind of notorious online at the moment due to them having a natural advantage in lag. I don’t think I’ll be playing online outside of my country.

I really think old topics like this should be purged. It’s not relevent anymore and nobody thinks PTX is bottom tier these days.