PTX gun super unblockable at times?

This has happened so many times now. If blocking PTX’s gun super in the corner I still get hit. The first few hits are blocked but then it starts hitting low/high and theres nothing I can do. There has to be something I’m missing on this.

I thought his only unblockable attacks were his throw and his missile. I believe that PTX’s super uses whatever guns he has equipped, so if he has the missile then that’s your answer

it was definitely the normal machine gun. unless he shoots different guns from each shoulder. i don’t even know all of his gadgets because i loathe him so much.

Well, I don’t use PTX-40A, but from what I remember from all the PTX practice I got with ll.nd when he used to use PTX in casuals, I can run down PTX’s weapons list:

-VS Gattling gun: Always one half of PTX’s starting weapons (along with the VS Rocket). Using as a special shoots several bullets at once. Super version shoots more than special version. Can be used up to three times as a special attack before losing the weapon. Pretty common when summoning new weapons.

-VS Rocket: Always one half of PTX’s starting weapons (along with the VS Gattling gun). Locks on to enemy target, but can be avoided if you somehow manage to get past PTX from above or behind. Acting as a projectile itself, it is unblockable before the rocket explodes. The explosion of the rocket is blockable. One time use a special attack. Hard for opponent to avoided it PTX is cornering him/her. Anytime combined with another VS weapon, shoots several rockets and the other weapon for a deadly 41236+2 attacks unblockable level 1 super. Double rockets is very dangerous. When summoning new weapons, VS Rocket is the rarest.

-VS Shotgun: Acquired only by summoning new weapons, it is probably more or less common than acquiring the VS Gattling gun. Only hits up close. Can be used up to three times as a special attack before losing the weapon. Super version shoots more than special version. Probably the least desirable of all of PTX’s weapon arsenal.

-VS Missiles: Acquired only through the second half of PTX’s 41236+2 attacks level 1 super. PTX’s current weapon roster is fully expended then exchanged for these VS Missiles that lock on to the enemy. Both the projectile and the explosion are blockable. Hits many times.

Just to add to what Royal Flush said, either the level 1 super had homing missles, or you may have gotten guard broken.

I know I’ve been guard broken when trying to advance guard some supers, like Volnutts gatling super, and Morrigans Finishing Shower. Trying to advance guard those in the air can result in you getting hit easily, or even while just guarding in my experience.

The same thing can happen when blocking PTXs level 1 super.

As far as escaping a “missiled” level 1 super, I’ve tried jumping over PTXs frame, but I’ve had missiles do complete 360 loops to nail me still. I’ve have to find other ways to deal with them.

Good info. I definitely wasn’t advance guarding. I’m pretty careful with that stuff online. It gets screwed up way too often on anything other than a normal beam. This happened during the first part of the gun blast. I’m going to pay better attention next time because I’m still not convinced it had anything to do with unblockables or errors on my end. Each time it happened I was cornered and PTX was about 70-80% of the way to the other side. But who knows. Anything can happen online with lag and all. Like the teleporting Joe I fought against…

Wow you guys are slow. We’ve know about this since CGOH.

If PTX has a rocket when doing this super, or 2 rockets, then it is completely unblockable.

Not everybody started playing TvC when CGOH was out.

Still, I think a trip to the PTX forum (or hell, training mode even!) could have substituted for this thread,

training mode would have meant id have to play as ptx.

I’ve found it’s unblockable on wakeup (Following a riot tackle)

Tried every way to block it, eventually put the computer on All guard and neither they could block the rockets on wakeup

PTXs Homing Missile is UNBLOCKABLE

If he fires a homing missile your way and you try to block it, you will get hit every time.

That’s why PTXs corner level 3 setup works so well when your next character is coming in.

It works the same way Karas and Yatterman #2, and Alexs unblockables work. Try to guard it, and you’ll eat it every time, guaranteed. All guard means nothing because it’s unblockable.

@Squirrel: Thanks for that. Calling everyone “slow” really helps build up TvCs small player base. :smile: