PTX may be the worst character in the game thus far



But god damn is his mini-game fun. Totally worth the rape you get from Yami in Arcade mode.

Who’s with me!?


;_; this is not much of a consolation. But yes, his minigame is cool.


fortunately you don’t actually have to beat yami with him to get the game, just get to yami and give up. That’s what I did, for him and lightan both.


Game is actually easy for someone who’s been through REAL Bullet hell. Lol touhou.

It’s still hella addicting.


Ive been using him as my “fun” char and i havent lost with him yet…been playing online and had 0 lag (yay for people in europe).

Ive had a few PTX mirror matches aswell which were fun but still won :slight_smile: He’s like Kuma in Tekken…everyone thinks hes low tier but all the top players use him and win in big tournaments :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread is obsolete and should be deleted now.