Public apology to Roy of Godweapon

I realise theres no point in carrying on causing hate on the forums. Kaillera is too much fun to bear grudges, so i am making this public apology to Roy, an admin at Godweapon. I’m sorry for making fake games and not listening to an admins warning. If i am unbanned i promise to abide by the rules and follow the admin’s instructions.

No hard feelings.

Your apology is accepted r3ko, ban will be lifted as soon as I find out what the hell your IP is…

Don’t be sorry, administrators only exist to have their rules broken in front of them.


I’ve spoken with r3ko. He’s serious.

I think anyone who thinks too highly of Roy should read this first:

This is not to contest Reko’s ban since I do feel that that was justified.
This is just to show what a complete tool this guy is.