Public Service Announcement to Spidey Fans

I will not be attending NEC but look forward to Spiderman kicking top player ass on a stream near u starting in 2012. I am currently in training and plan to come with a new spidey team and guns blazing. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Glad to have you back on board!

Yes, Spiderman lost a pretty strong move in blocking during airdash, but his improved web zip [still can block during that] is a decent replacement.

Yes, Spiderman lost Touch of Death with web throw combos but he got more damage on Crawler Assault, a self otg that helps on Air throws and Ultimate Web Throw, and now isn’t limited to a select few assists that would let him ToD with web throws.

Looking forward to see what you come up with, as a lot of us are also hard at work too.

I am glad that Evil Rahsaan is still representing Spidey and I expect new great technology from him.

Hope to see you in streams soon!

You gonna be attending Final Round in the Spring? Xero and I are both expecting to go. O:

More than likely ill be there

Well if all still goes as plan I’ll be there anyone up for money matches?

Zro was here…

And here I thought you weren’t going to play me anymore. ;_;

Arent you the scarlet spider. Hell not even the spectacular spider man Boy you disappoint me

Spectacular Spider-Man’s theme song was my ring tone for like 5 months. :smiley:

The Amazing Spider-Man donned the Scarlet Spider costume at one point, son.

No he didn’t. That’s Ben Reilly, he took over the title of Amazing Spidey while Pete took care of Mary Jane and Aunt May, then he got the Ben Reilly costume and took over Spectacular Spidey. Parker never played Scarlet Spider

were gonna be cheering for ya bro!

Oh yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

5 or 10? ;O

:lol: we talking bout matches or money :razzy: I’ll do 10 with ya.


:lol: ok if you insist.

Sorry, we be doin’ this MM smash-kid style; low as crap. XD I plan to MM a lot of high-level players there though so I need to conserve my money. @__@
…Speakin of which… Rahsaan, MM at Final Round? ;D

:rofl: yeah I’ve seen smash players money match and always laughed at their pots :lol: