Public Shooting and GC Thread: Active Shooter reported at LAX


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This is some straight fucked up shit.


shooting innocent children wtf is the guy on…


Damn this sucks…


Watching this right now - supposedly two shooters. 18 children dead.


I don’t understand what drives people to shoot at innocent children,it makes me sad that these parents wont be celebrating they’re children’s birthdays or seeing them graduate and become somebody .


This is so fucked, man.
These are just little kids.


WTF man, k-4th grade christ my prayers go out to the families.



fucked up people in this world.


I don’t even have words. To say its tragic is an understatement.

Shooting little kids? What kind of fucking demon would do that?


My first instinct is to say that the shooter is someone who cracked up and is no longer operating on a rational level. But such shootings are usually carried out by a lone gunman, with the notable exception of the Columbine massacre.


My heart goes out to the families of the victims.

Nothing will be learnt from this


whats going on with people targeting children this just happened yesterday


Listening to some of these kids talk is heartbreaking. What kinda of Psychopath walks into a elementary school with guns and bullet proof vest, be a man and take your own life not anybody else especially children. Then how do you convince another person to help you? The person they have in custody I hope he doesnt even make it to trial.


It’s going to be a while before any reliable information is available. I just happened to see this on the scrolling alerts on a TV I walked by.

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Unfortunate indeed that individuals must die for the mental deterioration of another.

lets wait and hope that no more children have to die


Seriously WTH! Kids seriously you go after kids…


And the conspiracy theorist are up and running.


People believing 2012 is really the end of the world going psycho on society.


Lets see if the heads of the NRA (aka the mouthpieces of gun manufacturers) blames the victims like always and says that the children should have been armed this time.

Lets see if the gun sales in Connecticut spike up shortly afterward like every other mass shooting.

Lets see if the Obama pussies out yet again on having any conversation whatsoever on what can be done to reduce these mass shooting incidents.

Lets see if this whole thing gets wiped under the rug like ever other mass shooting and nothing comes from it ultimately making it a waste of time reporting it or even making this thread.


This is what sadden me the most.

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