Puch and Cross?



Yo, dont flame just because i dont look beyond the move list but i read in a combo guide that Dudley has a hidden move not listed in any move list called punch and cross. The way i heard its preformed is by doing half circle back, toward + punch just like Rugals kaiser wave in CvS2. Now i’ve been trying to pull this move on DC but i always seem to do a jet uppercut which is also confusing. Does anyone know if this move exists or not and if it does, how the fuck do you do it.


It does exist. If Dudley punches his opponent he will immediately do a Cross Counter stance. It is half circle back, towards+punch.


Iv’e been experimenting a bit with punch and really haven’t found out any useful combos. I think so far the best combo I’ve done with it was j.hp, s.hk, punch & cross. Does anyone else have good combos with punch & cross


punch & cross combos?

i think it’s a rather useless thing to do. if you’re actually able to start a combo, why not just go for something with more damage and just as much (or even more) stun?


if you’re feeling like you just wanna fool around, you can try this, though i doubt it’ll work:

jab, strong, forward -> (whatever punch button) Punch & Cross

reason i say that i doubt it’ll work is 'cuz the forward punch from the chain might not have enough hit stun. same reason EX MGB will not connect after that same chain unless the opponent gets stunned midway. but whatever :lol:. y’all can always give anything a try.


You mostly want to use P&C as anti-air and anti-wakeup, to bait out a parry-punish. If your opponent is good about parrying, be kind of obvious that you’re going to attack them and let them parry the P&C during a jumpin. As soon as they try to counter, they get popped. The rest of the round they’ll be thinking about how they got popped for trying to be smart and parry, so you’ll have a sort of mental advantage on anti-air.



Sounds nice i cant belive i didnt think of that shit. Where i play at almost everyone parrys real good the only thing i gotta look out for are grapplers like Hugo.


IMO, I wouldn’t rely on Punch and Cross in a match. Maybe I’ll use it to mess with them but Dudley has better things to do :slight_smile:


Is there any difference between this and just comboing into the cross-counter? If not, what is the point of this move?


Two differences: you can use fierce (which isn’t bufferable) and the cancel on jab and strong happens faster than if you buffered it normally.

Oh and you can use the EX version to whiff fierces that cost you meter.


The ex machine gun blow connects when the combo is done as a counter. Other than that, I think it lands as a combo on both yun and yang regardless, iirc. It’s been a while since I thought about 3s really.