Puerto Rico 5/23 MvC2 Results


Horrible tournament location. We were basically playing in a swamp.

Ppl ended up with more mod in their shoes and cars that money in their pockets.

Plus the inside of the place was completely carpeted and EXTREMELY soaked, a little bit more water in there and it would have been a pool party instead of a MvC2 tourney, so you ppl can imagine the sort of stuff we had to do to play in there.

Still, I had lotts of fun. Crazy, but fun.

Anyways, results are: (18 entries)

1st- Csar Toro “Spyro”: msp, row, matrix, santhrax, scrub.
2nd- Eduardo Perez “Sweet Saint”: scrub
3rd- Francisco Vilar “Gandido”: msp, mag/strider/doom
4th- Roberto Mendez “Ironmanmaster”: mag teams
T5th- Gibrn: mag/storm/collosus wtf.
T5th- Papito: msp

Wk was a no show. He was probably scared of Papito’s sick msp :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: .


  • Eduardo sends Spyro to losers in winners semis 2-0.
  • Eduardo over Gandido 3-1 in winners finals.
  • Spyro over Gandido 3-0 in losers finals.
  • Spyro over Eduardo 4-0, 4-1 in grand finals.

Thanks much to Gibran for making this possible, we should start holding more of these tourneys.


good job spyro, you used like every team in the game.


DA torney in da SWAMP that T was the shit wet floor wet carpets wet shoes can u tell me what wasnt wet GOD great T indeed next T prepare u will feel magnus RUSH


I played team Row more than I played MSP. WTF.
Anyways, congrats Mr. Magic Dragon


^good job holding it down using strider/doom.:slight_smile:


congratulations to the winners:)

and yeah papito has a sick mps:eek: . im scared!!!


i want to see “Papito’s” msp:rolleyes:


You can’t see Papito’s MSP!
It’s lightning fast!

/end sarcasm


He didn’t use tier teams. =\


fuck you paco you bitch !!!
Papito is THAT damn good ok i bet he could beat you he almost beated Spyro but some dude said Runaway for the remaning 54 sec. OMG he did and lost … anywayz his magz is comparable to soo’s believe me…


I don’t think Paco meant that in a bad way.

Papito was the best player there, I’m sure Paco’s aware of that and that’s why he posted.

And yes, I know Papito’s much much better than what he showed. I can tell.


Ermmm… U said Soo?

wow…thats a BIG statement to back up!

Don’t get me wrong…is just…ah,…Bah!




he can back it up HIGHER M :eek: S :eek: P


Paco you my buddy anyway :smiley: your no bitch :smiley:



I fully stand by what I said, and I have my reasons.

Three people locked up playing in a house doesn’t merit you any experience. Sure, he might have good Mags execution, but anyone who has taken their time accross the years can have that too. He doesn’t have the mindset that a lot of the older players here like WK, Cano2k, Spyro, myself and others do. In a way he’s a one-trick pony, but that’s just my opinion.

He’s better than what he showed, that’s true… but the best player there? PLEASE.

EDIT: In plain spanish for those of you who care: El no juega con malicia. Le falta eso todavia. Dejen que Ticher hable con el un rato y puede ser que le abra los ojos.



Wait whos white knight?


Im sorry I just had to say something:

There is a nigga called Papito… :lol: That’s hot! I hear what you guys are saying. I can see where Gandido is comming from. I’ve seen alot of good players that have fancy teckneeks but lack the “mental strengh” that Marvel requaiers to win in Big situations.

Whasup to Spyro, Cano, Gandido… and Nestor if he’s there, prob not though(he’s prob playing against Caddles :smiley: ).

I might see you guys at Evo if you go.


ps-traten de ir al torneo the NY el 10 de Julio. Hay un ticket gratiz al “top player” que no sea Empire. PR debe formar un equipo e ir a Evo.(maybe WK, Spyro, Gandido, Cano, Papito…:lol: Im sorry that’s too funny of a nick)