Pull list

Just a poll to see who has Street Fighter on their pull list at their comic shop. And if that’s the case, do you get a certain cover or all covers?

I myself have had SF on pull since the start and get all covers.

This is a GOOD survey! Thanks for bring it up!!

my comic shop by my parents house has it on their pull list and they’ve had every single cover sold (they didn’t have the #2 cammy var. but i requested it and they got like 20 in).

the comic shop by my apart. doesnt’ have the holos almost ever.

what’s a pull? i don’t read comics much, sf comics is the only comic i read cause it’s so kick ass, ohh and the naruto manga!!! the comic store i go to always have all the covers, but not sure if they have the special foil covers, i never asked, i only get the covers that i like, i wish i had that chun li cover and ken cover, but i didn’t get it when it was released so i guess the only way i can get it is on ebay…

I don’t quite get what you mean by pull list…I was getting them from a specialist shop 20 miles away, but now I order them online, got fed up of paying the bus fee anyway, i’m a poor guy LOL, I always get cover C’s, though now also A&B cover collecting.
No local comic stores have the SF comics here.

A Pull list is a list that you give to your regurlar Comic shop so that they could hold those specific comics on the side for you. They put them in a folder for you and are held aside till you come and pick them up…

Me, i don’t have a pull list. I just go in and buy what i buy…

Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:
Well my local comic stores wouldn’t pull this comic as I mentioned it’s pretty specialist here, Forbidden Planet get it anyway & hold 1 cover C aside for me for each issue, well until I cancel for my online supplier…

I don’t think think i’ll be needing a pull list cause I’m always there the first day and morning it comes out. I will also have someone go over there for me as a favor if I’m busy.

It’s on my Pull List, but in my Comic Shop they do it weekly, you have to let them know which Comics to hold that week. I have every single cover of every issue minus the Wizard World Zero Issue (I saw it once but foolishly didn’t purchase when I had the chance - have all the other Zero variant covers.) and I don’t have the Ken Foil Cover. I have the rest of them, though. And now that the Foils come out the same day the Comic does I won’t miss out on any covers again.

Also got the XMAS Chun-Li Bust. Sniff, sniff. It’s beautiful Man! I plan to get the regular Chun-Li and Vega(Dictator) Busts in March. That’s my Birthday Month!

Its on my pull list for 2 of every cover and the power foil ones also.

is it me or are comic shop people nicer than other people?
the people who work at “a place in space” memorise my street fighter comics.

i said "could you reserve my comics for next month"
and he said “yeah”…I didn’t even tell him which one.


oh yeah and for a bithday present , “place in space” gave me one of my monthly comics on the house.

i mean what are comic shop people… saints

I’m definately on the pull list at my store. I’ve got all the covers except for that Cammy varient.

My community has lots of fans, so the Street Fighter book always sells out on it’s first day or so. Thankfully my comic shop owner is nice enough to hold each cover back for me.

He orders maybe 2 or 3 of whatever cover he can get besides what he pulls for me, so that means you’re doing good in my parts Udon :slight_smile: