Pull protection for arcade stick cable


I don’t know the proper name for this but hopefully you get what I’m talking about. Every game controller has a plastic thingy around the cable, at the location where it leaves the casing to avoid eventual damage due to pulling it. What system do you use when you’re using a cable that doesn’t have one (like a plain usb cable for example) ?

I made one for my current stick from hot glue, which I then “sculpted”. I’m going to change the cable soon and would like to know all of the options available.


tie a small knot inside the case around where it’ll leave


^ I also make a small knot and then where the cord exits through the case, I pass it through a grommet from RadioShack.


The term you are looking for is Strain Relief. As you Reliving strain from the cables internal connections.
Some retail sticks use a molded plastic block or plug on the cable, others snake the cable though structural supports or use cable zip ties.

Also an acceptable method for both Stick modders/ Builders and electronic engineers is to tie a knot on the cord from the inside of the stick case.