-Pull the Trigger, and you're gonna get Shot- Megaman Basics



Look at me! I’m taking the lead with Megaman! Thank New Era Outlaw for this wonderful post though. I’m just moving it here.

I’d also like to add that switching weapons is probably one of his main forms of lengthening combos or generally being unpredictable, though most of the time, you’ll be using it to lengthen combos as they allow you to escape the ending lag of certain moves and move you closer to your opponent. In air though, I’m not so sure about mid-air switchng as doing so without enough speed and input precision will simply allow your opponent to fall back to the ground safely or simply allow them to block an on coming onslaught.

I also like to add that the Shield gun is your best defense because it allows you to block without receiving chip damage. The draw back is that the chip damage you would receive is applied to your super meter, though that isnt a big drawback and its a small price to pay. Be weary though, if you run out of super while guarding with the shield gun, you will start receiving chip damage once again, so you HAVE to pay attention to it when you dont have a single bar full.


You can charge buster shot during hyper machine gun barrage.


You can charge the buster during Hyper Machine Gun and Hyper Drill Uppercut actually, but its better to do so during the Hyper Machine Gun because it lasts long enough to give you a full charge.


I wouldn’t even say that his LV3 does okay damage. It does the same amount as the machine gun super. I don’t see a reason to ever use it.


IT LOOKS PRETTY. Plus button Mashing makes it stronger. So Baroquing it with like 30-40 and button mashing the fuck out of your controller might make it worth it. Plus it resets your arm back to normal. That’s a plus in my eyes.


There’s a small mistake in that FAQ, concerning Trigger’s Weapon Change.

Apparently, Mega Man can switch his weapons three ways.
To perform a weapon switch:

Idle mode: Tap :d:,:d: and tap the correct attack button.
Advancing Forward: :qcf: and tap the correct attack button.
Evading Backwards: :qcb: and tap the correct attack button.

I suggest you either stick with Idle Mode (quicker set up than the others) or the one that evades backwards (for obvious reasons.)

I -still- haven’t tested Shield Arm properly (I just love playing Roll too damn much. Sorry.)
Perhaps one of the people who posted in the original thread can help me out with that regard.

Machine Gun Arm is basically MvC Mega Man’s Beat Plane all over again. A couple of jabs can lead to pain AND a full screen’s distance away from an opponent. Among the things you can cancel into it:

  • :snka:,:snka:
  • Launcher, :snka:,:snka: (just make sure you aim that Buster properly, because enemies tend to fall below the barrage)
  • (With Drill Arm), Launcher, :snka:,:snka:, :snkb:, :snkb:* Drill Upper XX (*note that the extra hit here may be needed to connect with Drill Upper)

In other words, the mere act of getting a couple of jabs can put Mega Man Trigger in an almost unfair advantage right from the start.

As for his Shining Laser, it’s probably not even worth it, seeing as how Megs can do a whole lot more damage from a tactical perspective with meters and the constant threats of an anti-air and a chainable super looming over your opponent’s head, but if you want to know, it’s also chainable to a couple of jabs.


What? I have to disagree with you, I think that Advancing is more useful because as I’ve stated before it allows you to cancel out the ending lag of certain moves. For example, Normal Arm :r: :snkb: has a bunch of lag and you really cant do anything after it except cancel into a super, but by using the Advancing weapon change, you can cancel out the lag and move into your opponent, putting them in range of another combo.

Try it out.

With Mega on his normal arm, go…

:snka:, :snka:, :snkb:, :r: + :snkb:, :qcf: + :snkc:, :snka:, :snka:, :dp:, :snkb: + :snkc:

Try it. I use it CONSTANTLY.


One thing that no one seemed to notice as the original Rock thread died, was that you can cancel the 3C with the drill after the first hit with: Supers, weapon switches, and releasing a buster. If you hit the foe with the drill and swap forward, you’ll go under them for a fun little mixup. If that gets predictable, swap forward then back before they land. Or, just drill super, continue comboing, or buster their faces.


I didn’t see this in the few opening posts so forgive me if it’s already common knowledge.

But you can do the side step weapon changes in the air, but only twice with each jump. That includes double jumping.


I think its the same thing on the ground. It’s still useful for fast approaches or escapes.


I know you can do it on the ground. But I didn’t see anyone stating you can do it in the air as well.


Really? huh. Ill start working on an end-all guide to Megaman when we get more info.


Oh, my bad.
I guess basically anything in this game has a practical application when you sit down to think about it. Then again, maybe it’s a case of me LOL-ing around with Roll too much.


I’m trying to decide on who to work on next, Rock Vollnut or Hurricane Polymer. Cause I use both and both would really be fun to write guides for. I loved writing my Saki guide and I love contributing cause this game is awesome.

I just hate writing it all in notepad then having to HTML the shit out of it. Takes for-fucking-ever. :arazz:


Pick Megaman, man. I’ve need someone to develop metagame with. Its so boring doing it alone. D:


I’d be fine with working on a guide with you. Less work for me. :lol:

Sorry you haven’t been able to catch me on aim at all. I’ve been busy. Holidays and what not. :looney:


Awesome. I hope you got my YT video with the megaman combos. Ill be working on more stuff later on tonight.


it is posible to use the constant weapon switch to develop more advanced pressure strings?

im working on polymar + vollnut (still play Yatterman-1), they work fine together. Vollnut gives polymar a so needed anti air and polymar gives him more pressure options. what do you think?


Actually, thanks to my roots in Smash Bros, I realized that Megaman has a unique asset.


inb4 gb2Smashboards

But serioulsly. Imagine this, while putting on pressure with Megaman’s many chip tactics, you can dash towards your opponent as if you were going to hit him, but this is only a faux. A bluff. A fake. Half way through the dash, he starts up an attack, you :qcb: :snka: back causing him to whiff, and you :qcf: :snka: back into him and attack him during the lag. This tactic is familar and basically a replica of Wavedashing from Melee. It’s main use in the game is to make an opponent whiff or miss an attack and punish the lag. Using Megaman’s weapon switch means you can do the exact same thing if you’re hands are fast enough. Most of the time, they’ll try and block, but I guarentee that 7 times out of 10, out of habit, desperation, instinct, or whatever, they’ll block high and you can simply attack low. If you can fake it right, you’re probably going to be able to break through their guard. And if you feel ballsy, go for a grab.


Thanks for that tip…

This is what I envision me doing:

wavedash with Megaman :snkb:Forward OH OH INFINITE.