Pulled - Please Remove


You’ve heard the “money’s tight” speech time and time again, but here’s a chance for my loss to be your gain. I’m selling my old-style PSP (“fat”) at a great price.

What you’ll get:
PSP system in excellent condition
Soft protective sleeve
AC adapter
USB cable
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (complete package)
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion (complete package)
2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo
Your choice of as many PSN games that I can fit on the Memory Stick that I own (available games include Final Fantasy VII, Silent Hill, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Harvest Moon Boy and Girl, Echochrome, Guilty Gear Judgment, Street Fighter Alpha, Wild Arms, and maybe some others I’m forgetting)

What I’m asking:
$100 via PayPal. That includes shipping costs within the Lower 48. May or may not charge a little more to ship to Canada depending on actual cost difference to me.

PM me to make your offer.


Offer sent


I guess I should have mentioned that I’m selling this as a bundle. Not interested in selling the system without the games.

Thanks for the offer anyway, Sonny.