Pulling people away from online


I’ve been trying for the past few months to get some hype going for events I want to run here where I live,which is in a small damn near middle of no where town. There’s really not much of a scene at all here for fighting games. Like %95 of “gamers” here play fps games on xbox live and of course brag about how good they are online.

I do infact know that some of them like to play tekken or mortal kombat and I’ve tried to run events that cater to both fps players and fighters. I had over 20 people that said they were coming to the first event I did and only 8 showed up,most of them late.
I’ve also started running small gatherings to just play casually,but it’s pretty much the same result with even less people. How could I get people here off of xbox live and into putting up or shutting up in person?


It seems like the clear solution is to hold gatherings for FPS games.


Surprisingly,as far as I know,people don’t show up for fps gatherings either. Most people here are just stubborn. I just don’t understand why they would rather play exclusively to xbl and brag about it instead of actually playing in person for all to see. Unless being seen is the problem and they don’t wanna get wrecked in front of a crowd :confused:


Are the people you’re inviting really really into the game? Lack of passion could be the answer.


You just might be right about that. Then again,I know that quite a few fps players here are sigh…into mlg. So,you would think they would be passionate enough to wanna play more in person to get better and head to bigger events. As for the fighter players here,the sf players (like 4 of us) except for my friend and I, don’t get into it too passionatly because there’s just not events to keep playing competitivly. Tekken and smash players pretty much play either online or casually. I’m just frustrated to no end about how these people that call themselves “gamers” and brag about their skills don’t wanna prove shit and have fun doing it.