Pulling up on a joystick

I have the RAP4 Kai and I occasionally with out thinking about it during loading screens pull up on the stick, will this damage the stick at all?

If you do it a ton it could loosen up the spring maybe, but unless you’re swinging it over your head by the stick it shouldn’t be a problem.

Should be fine, unless you’re doing it forcefully. All that does is compress the spring and lift the little pivot up out of its cup.

I’ll try and break myself of the habit just to be safe but its good to know I’m not going to harm to it unless I abuse it

I cringe every time I see GamerBee lift his arcade stick by the joystick…but you right, no real harm done with what you’re doing atm.

Inb4 Sanford wrecks his stick via salt using this route.

Yikes, I definitely wouldn’t lift it by the stick that just seems very much wrong

you’re gonna be loosening the spring or putting much force on the e-clip, which can snap off if you do it forcefully.

both are sub-$1 fixes.

at worst you’re gonna crack the balltop where the threaded insert is. a $5 fix.

people who cringe at “joystick abuse” forget that most of these parts were meant for public abuse in cabinets and machines in arcades, where situations are much more dire.

Yeah I remember back in the day running into wobbly sticks, missing ball tops and non functional buttons quite often

As long as a Japanese joystick has a shaft cover, the balltop is pretty hard to pull off. Especially in a open environment like an Arcade, its hard to sneak in tools without getting noticed.
Also put some muscle into tightening that ball top onto place, maybe some thread lock would keep the ball top from walking away.

Missing Balltops are partially bad maintenance, partially straight up vandalism.
I still mad how someone stole a ball top off a Happs joystick. Look like they took a hack saw to it.
Hence a thief or vandal want something bad enough, they will get to it.

Wobbly sticks and non functional buttons are just bad maintenance. Ether that arcade didn’t have coin operators not worth their paychecks or they are cheap as hell and didn’t want to put any money into maintenance.

The particular arcades I was thinking of were in the lobby of a local pool and they were constantly abused so it was a mixture of vandalism and just people hammering on the buttons. the Simpsons arcade game in particular was always just destroyed.

I had the same habit but i never broke anything as far as i remember but still as hibachi mentioned these parts were designed to be placed in public areas just think about it immagine that you’re a little kid in the arcades playing your favourite game, now after spending an entire month allowance you finally made it to the final boss but in the end you lose the fight and your last credit because the final boss has a cheap ass piece of crap of an AI (i’m looking at you shao khan) what would your first reaction be?

I played KOF in arcades back in the day, I’d argue those bosses caused more rage than Shao Kahn

It’s close ; )

I could atleast hit Shao Kahn a few times the first time I fought him. The first time I fought Orochi or Rugal didnt go so well

Also how about freaking Gill from SF III

Gill wasnt the worst cause by the time I got to play SFIII I was already fairly proficient at Street Fighter

I love when chicks pull up on my joystick.

I was still a complete noob at street fighter so i got my ass kicked but damn did he piss me off with his undodgeable and unparryable super

I fucking lost it nice joke