Punch Out! Live Action Movie Trailer

This is a famous Youtube video from a group called Team AwesomeRocks. They did this trailer for a contest Nintendo was running and everyone basically called foul when they didn’t win it. Some people might have seen it before but for those who hadn’t it is fun to watch the way they integrated live action but stayed extremely true to the game.

BTW…they used the Normal PunchOut!! as reference and not the Mike Tyson version.


Damn this looks pretty cool :rofl:

lol. i was excited. i liked the x bandaid on hippos gut 8)

If that didnt win the contest, I wanna know what DID.

after you watch that…watch the outtakes lmao



You can see the winners there. Total rip off, Punch Out should have won. It didn’t even get in the top 10.

… Wow…

that was awesome, the winner didn’t really keep my interest enough to fnish watching it. this one was great though. I really need to download the punch out music, shit inspires me. :tup:

WTF This didn’t win. The 1st place fuckin sucked.

The winner sucked.

Not just the winner, this was better than the top 3.


Compare contemporary product placement and advertisement and product integration and you know WHY these are the top three. They don’t have to be entertaining, just get Nintendo’s agenda out. The punch out was, without a doubt, far more entertaining, interesting, engrossing and overall enjoyable than ALL of the top 10 COMBINED, but did little promotion in the way of nintendo trademark (punch out was never licensed to nintendo AND it hasnt been a marketable title for, say, 10 years or so)

Think something like if there was a Capcom video contest and the street fighter: the later years, video didint make it. Most would say “WTF is wrong with those judges?”. But you have to remember arcade fighters are almost dead now *sigh" and despite the continued existence of streeth fighter games since SF:WW, many CampCom gamers aren’t associated with it. Then you have mega man, which the kids seem to like, and Devil May Cry…