Punch planet - version 0.2.1.A - G-Agent is released!


Steam page says partial controller support. Is the Dualshock 4 supported?


From what I am seeing the other characters designs besides the Snu Snu chick don’t really stand out enough bro.

Their actual animations also don’t really seem dynamic enough. You do have the talent and drive that is for sure. Might want to take some more inspiration from the likes of old school Darkstalkers in the animation department.


It’s all good we will always be improving

Yeah i should change that, game should support most controllers. definitely works with DS4


I gave you guys a shoutout on WNF :stuck_out_tongue: https://clips.twitch.tv/CogentDeliciousDiamondNinjaGrumpy


hey thanks!


Version is now live

  • Easiest way to trigger the patch is to go to properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game files
  • Can also restart steam
  • You will not be able to play with players on different versions (their lobbies will not show up)

Changelog can be found here


Version is now live
Changelog can be found here


Got to try it out for a couple of hours last night. I love the look and vibe! I like how the movesets are fairly limited; and not having something that is even remotely like a Shoto in the first four characters is refreshing. Also, Cid just looks so badass, I love her.

I had some frustrations with the input system however.

It was surprisingly common that a dp input would register as a 2xqcf input. That is undoubtedly bad input on my part, but it seems to happen more often than it does in other fighting games.

Also cancelling into a special of jabs seems to require a timing which seems ‘off’ somehow. I don’t think it is because the hitstop is too short, I’m used to comboing off lights with 7 frames hitstop in KOF2002 and that doesn’t give me any trouble. Punch Planet doesn’t have the Street Fighter 4 restraint that you cannot cancel lights into specials if you don’t link them, does it?

Finally: When I would try to cancel a heavy normal into a special (and maybe specifically with EX specials?) I’d surprisingly often get the double tap cancel rather than a cancel to a special. I’m not sure what was causing it, but it was frustrating.

In general, I’m not sure if the ‘Roman cancel through double tap’ is a very pleasant system. I’m sure I’m not the only person who basically double taps anything he inputs, and for this game that just means a lot of unintended Roman cancels. Of course learning new habits will help me or anyone else get around that, but it lead to a lot of initial frustration. I’d like it better to have a specific input for the Roman cancel instead (e.g. 3 punches) so you don’t get it accidentally as easily. Seems to me that you did not take that approach on purpose, but I would love to heard the rationale behind it!


Finding the perfect balance between ease-of-use and not coming out on accident is something I am still working on. The most recent patch ( has a change to QCFx2 / QCBx2 inputs to try and help with this but it’s not there yet.

Nah you can cancel chained lights in PP. I think the reason for this is mainly because there is no post-hitstop cancelling in the game. Right now if you don’t input a cancel before the hit stop ends, you won’t get a cancel, where as other games you can some times cancel after the freeze and into the later active frames. Not sure if I will change it, might try it out and see how I like it.

Yeah there is definitely some overlap when trying to cancel into a special with the same button that you’re cancelling from. The best way to avoid it is to do your special cancel earlier than the hit. There is much more leniency for special cancels than there is for DTC before the hit happens.

The input for DTC is pretty much here to stay. We have the tech to switch it to MP + MK but every time I have tested that I have pretty much immediately disliked it because of how much more work your brain has to do compared to just double tapping. Main reasoning behind using it in the first place was that I wanted a roman cancel system that was easier than a separate button. Something I noticed about SFIV is that if two people that don’t know how to play are playing the game, you almost never see an FADC even used, much less used effectively (getting a combo or making something safe). For DTC, if players are mashing they can atleast get cool blue stuff to come out and sometimes get weird combos, which to me is a big plus for casual players trying the game out. As far as knowing-what-youre-doing play, you really shouldn’t have to double tap inputs in this game, there is so much leniency for normals that timing things should be on the easier side.

All that said, I don’t think the system is perfect and without it’s draw backs, but we will always be trying to improve.


I am really enjoying this game so far. Tyara is a blast to play.


I have to say I’m in a similar boat. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to undo my ‘double-tap everything’ muscle memory lol. Personally, my favorite implementation of the Roman Cancel is in Rising Thunder. You simply input a dash or jump during an attack. It’s simple+elegant, and I never got a dash cancel by accident. I did occasionally get an accidental jump cancel when my inputs were sloppy…


Version is now live
Changelog can be found here


Version is now live
Changelog can be found here


Version is now live


Yeah like what I am saying is that you should never worry about making the characters look like they are balanced when they are executing their attacks and don’t be afraid to make them over extend as those both help them convey movement and power. Like the old marvel how to draw books where they tell you to have your characters in less realistic poses that are more spread out to make them jump out more.


Version is now live
Changelog can be found here: http://bit.ly/2jGivKK



Version is now live


Version is now live



Been a while since I’ve updated this thread! Today we released our 0.2.1 update and the introduction of G-Agent:

Full patch notes can be found here: