Punish Cammy's srk?

Hey sup. Im having alot of frustration when I play Cammy-players since they keep spamming her srk and I can’t do shit, or so it seems. I always think of doing something but it seems that you have a very small window in doing so.

So I was wondering which moves you can punish her srk with. Mainly with Ken and Fei-Long.


Edit: A blocked srk that is.

someone correct me if im’ wrong but from my experiences, her srk pushes her too back off block for you to punish it… and fireballs are too slow

It’s not unbeatable though. It can’t be.

It may seem safe a lot of the time, but it’s just a pretty good illusion.

Compared to alot of SRK/DP attacks, you’re usually allowed a pretty small combo and at least a throw. Well, both are kind of kicked out against Cammy.

Walking up and throwing her is a big 50/50, so a long range attack is what’s going to be used.

For example, Fei Long should be able to at least land 1 Fierce Rekka (In HD Remix, you could actually land all 3), and Ken’s fierce DP at least guarantees you SOME damage. At the most, the faster walking characters (Vega, Chun-Li) should at least be able to get in ONE poke.

Ryu: HP Hadouken
Ken: HP Shoryuken**
Honda: MP/HP Handslap or HP Headbutt.
Chun: HP Kikouken**
Blanka: Roll or HK Vertical Roll
Zangief: MK/LK Running Grab**
Guile: HP Sonic Boom**
Dhalsim: st.HK or st.HP
Hawk: st.HK**
DeeJay: HP Maxout
Cammy: Drill
Fei: HP Rekka x2 (first may whiff, but the second will hit)
Boxer: Any rushing punch
Claw: cr.HK
Sagat: HP/HK Tiger Shot or MK/HK Tiger Knee
Dictator: cr.HK or Scissor Kick or HP Psycho Crusher

Moves marked with ** will not punish a properly distanced one.
So don’t go randomly throwing Ken’s Fierce DP at it unless she did it as a point blank reversal or somesuch.

Some supers can punish it too, though I haven’t listed those. Chun’s can, for example.

Thanks a bunch Sprint! :china:

Wow, awesome post Sprint.