Punish the short scissors kick!

This is how to punish a short scissors kick.
PRO TIP: this is for the 2-hit version, usually from a cr lk, cr lp, cr mk short scissors. I hope someone else will do the 1 hit version.

Also, I only did it for the characters I use often. I’m a scrubb so it’s sagat blanka etc etc.

Sagat: tiger uppercuts
L3/L2 any super

Blanka: reversal L3 direct lightning
st lp (surprisingly easy to time)

Cammy: L2/L3 targeto super

Vega: Red impact super, L3 kick super. Maybe L2 kick super too but I hate C groove! Hate.

Ryu: shoryuken, shin shoryuken.

Most instant L3s will hit so I’m not going to mention those but rather normal moves that you’re not sure about, like uppercuts or whatever.

There should already be a thread on this. The one hit scissors kick is unpunishable.

There should already be a thread on this. The one hit scissors kick is unpunishable.

Check out the lower right hand corner of the pic in this link:

Printed on the cabinets for punches is:
Jab - Strong - Fierce

For kicks:
Short - Forward - Roundhouse

Short scissor kick is unpunishable.

You are talking about punishing forward scissor kick.

Yay! I found that thread.
I must say, that was the most useful thread I ever read! I mean, everything there was new to me! Gems like “You can punish a blocked scissors kick with any decently fast normal”


My god!

It’s like a HUGE LIGHTBULB went on in my brain!

Because I’m like… instead of knowing specific moves I can safely do in the middle of a match, maybe I’ll try out some decently fast normal and see if I get hit! Like… hey guys, thanks a lot!

And oh my god I have no idea what short, forward, roundhouse is, thanks for the picture! Now I know that short is that button that’s on the left bottom row and that forward is the one in the middle bottom row!

So I was going to post some stuff like cammy’s reversal LK cannon spike can’t punish a blocked scissors kick but I’m still reeling in awe from all that useful information and it’ll take me ages to absorb it all! So I won’t post any more yet!

Thanks again guys! You’re the greatest! And thanks for that thing about a one hit short scissors being unpunishable! I must have been using some bizarro sonic hurricane and bizarro gigaton blow that have no hit frames!

Uh, sorry about that last post. Went crazy there! Shouldn’t have been so sarcastic.


1 hit short scissors gives you a frame disadvantage just like the 2 hit. The reasony ou can’t punish is because it leaves you much further away. However, supers that have quick reach (So far I’ve tried successfully cammy’s, guile’s, balrog’s) can hit him. You don’t even need the ‘reversal’ message showing up.

2 hit short scissors can be punished. But I would like to know which moves can punish it, preferably as easily as possible.

You’re stupid. I don’t like you.

What are you guys talking about you can’t punish a short scissor kick? Frame advantage? sorry but this is wrong.

2 hit short scissor kick shouldn’t even be mentioned because the list of normals, specials and super that can punish it is too long, mostly too obvious and basically not thread worthy.

1 hit short scissor kick however is definetly a good idea for a thread. It is most definetly punishable by a bunch of reversals. The problem is that the 1 hit short scissor kick recovery can vary(more specifically, the distance between Bison and his opponent can vary) depending on where Bison started the move from(this is the same for the 2 hit version). This can cause many reversals to miss because Bison’s too far away, but I’m pretty sure certain supers will always hit on reversal.

So to avoid complication I think it would be best to discuss what moves can punish a 1 hit short scissor kick, when Bison is farthest away…

Yay let’s do that! That’s FUN!

is there such a thing as a safe sk vs. guile when he has a lvl 3 ready?

Balrogs super can punish

sakura wp.dp … I dont think i’ve ever seen this not punish on reversal


Jon: Sakura’s dragon will miss/wiff at the right distance.

What distance is this? (can it be reached from a poke string starting at the closest possible poitn to a character… )

Hi, I was horribly wrong! A one hit scissors can be hit by Sagat/Blanka/Geeses c.mk