What kinda frame advantage/disadvantage do these leave you at? I mean, I understand that Ken and Chun can punish almost anything… That’s just semantics. Other than the obvious reversal supers from them punishing anything and everything, how risky are these on block? Assuming you’re using them at an optimal range in your block strings and such.

lk spin kicks (I know mk and hk and pretty easily punishable if close)


far s.hk

lk spin kicks -4 on block

b+mk -2 on block

far s.hk -2 on block

Those are all pretty safe to anything except supers. This data was gotten from the Bradygames 3s thing btw.

I’m pretty sure I put framedata on the Ibuki wiki.

Oh, alright, cool. Thanks guys.

EDIT: A blocked MK spin kicks is -2 while LK is -4? Huh. Something to consider since I use lk spin kicks in my poke strings. :lol:

The second hit of qcb+MK is safe on block and hit (-2 on block, 0 on hit).
The third hit of qcb+MK is not safe on block (-7) but safe on hit (+1). From this post.

So, always hitconfirm it if you go for the third hit.

Yeah…qcb+MK is always best as far as being safe on block and is pretty much a bnb when comboed from s.MK. I never do the 3rd spin unless I see the first 2 hit and it’s good to know that the 3rd hit is that unsafe. That’s another thing to worry about vs. Ken, Chun, Necro etc. Never use LK spin kicks cuz like mentioned earlier…a bit more recovery which makes it more succeptable to SA3 Ken or Duds reversal. Only reason that I see to use it is for mind games when they dont have meter to punish. LK spin kick allows you to make the second kick a low sweep.