Punisher (Max)

So, I just started reading the series and I’ve gotta ask…

How good is it? Best arc? Etc?

I read the human trafficking ring arc that Punisher very thoroughly disbands, and it was both solid and brutal.

Best arc so far is the original one where the government puts together a team of agents(including Micro)to enlist and officially sanction Castle as a government agent. The one with the Russian missile base is a close second, featuring Nick Fury(the only other Marvel character in Punisher’s MAX line). The majority of the MAX arcs tie together fairly closely, and with the same writer they are consistent(so far)with their quality. If you enjoyed the one you already read I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the rest, Ennis has truly found the most memorable and fitting way to represent Castle’s character.

Also don’t pass up the one that takes place in Vietnam, Born.

Every one so far has been really good, with barracuda being the lowest point in the series thus far. The appearance of Nick Fury was so awesome, and he truly delivered on being a badass. The scene with the belt was hardcore, and truly delivered.

I have only just recently read born, but the idea it injects about the punisher’s creation story I really liked. Am I reading too much into that book or did he

[spoiler=]really make a pact with death? was that ever mentioned before?[/spoiler]

Yeah, I read that one and it was actually pretty seriously lame. Especially since Punisher actually would’ve killed a whole bunch of random, innocent people (since the boat was full of investors, who

[details=Spoiler]wouldn’t have been aware of Dynaco’s plan to black out Florida).[/details]It’s just a good thing Punisher has the magical powers that allow him to not kill anybody who isn’t evil.

Barracuda, the character, was actually a pretty amusing individual to me. Though the simple fact that he shrugs off

[details=Spoiler]losing all five of his fingers on his right hand, losing an eye, having his penis bitten off then being beaten over the head with a pipe[/details]is kinda silly, even for this series so far.

But indeed, THe rest will come up.

The Slavers was my favorite in the whole series. I didn’t think Barracuda was as bad as some others do, though it pales in comparison to the slavers.

I’d say Kitchen Irish is the least good by far. The characters are lame and reminiscent of the MK Punisher series, and the plot twist is an old one that you can see a mile away. My favorite (besides BORN) would be Up is Down/Black is White, In the Beginning, and Man of Stone

I don’t think it mattered to Punisher whether or not the investors were aware of the plan or not. What did matter to him was that they were involved and they were dirty by association. It doesn’t mean that they were evil, but it does mean they needed to be punished.

I’ve read every TPB so far and I like them all. There’s also the From First To Last HC that belongs on the shelf right next to Born. But if I had to rank them, I’d probably put Man of Stone at the bottom of the list. Not because it’s disappointing or anything. Maybe because it’s the most recent one I’ve read and hasn’t had the time to embed itself in my mind.

All of the Ennis Punisher stuff is awesome. I think MK Punisher is just as good as Punisher MAX. They’re just good in different ways.

Windy- I believe your assumption about Born is correct. In the HC, there’s some behind-the-scenes type stuff where Ennis pretty much confirms what you’re wondering.

Punisher BORN


Except it isn’t death he makes the deal with, it’s…GRENDEL :badboy: Don’t believe me? Go read “The Devil Inside” (Grendel vol. 2 #13-15) and then go back and re-read Born

My rank (best to least):

The Tyger
Up Is Down, Black Is White
In The Beginning
Man of Stone
The End
Mother Russia
The Slavers
The Cell
Kitchen Irish

…keeping in mind of course that they are all great. I might flip Barracuda and Mother Russia depending on my mood. Mother Russia is home to perhaps my favorite panel in the series: when Castle is parachuting off the missile with the girl strapped to his chest and she has this great expression of wonder on her face.

Marvel Knights-wise I think the first half of Welcome Back Frank is the strongest, followed by the Wolverine and the midgets story.

i didn’t really like the tyger too much. the cell was great though. my favorite would probably have to be the slavers followed by barracuda. i need to catch up and read man of stone

Yeah, but investing is in no way a shady dealing. In all serious, they would’ve just spent some money on the company hoping for a good return, and wouldn’t have even been attached to anybody who was in on the decision to turn off Florida.

Well, I read all the main comics, and I have to say it’s quite hit-or-miss.

The first arc was pretty damn good, though I didn’t like the art style. And what did Micro do that initially put him on the Punisher’s shoot-on-sight list?

I definitely like the style better from Up is Down, Black is White. Roth was badass for somebody who has no testicles, and it was definitely the most complete part of the entire series, and really pulled together a great cast of characters with development.

Mother Russia wasn’t that great. Fury’s beasting was the only really jawesome part of the whole thing, but having all-night foursomes with hookers and beating down generals with a belt can only go so far.

Man of Stone was kinda weak, too. It was kind of like Up is Down, Black is White in how it really develops a few characters, but killing a Russian general isn’t as compelling (for me) in a Punisher story as much as Up is Down, Black is White was with taking down the mob (well, taking it down more). Especially since the full-page picture with Frank just looking pissed off after he sees Cavella peeing on his family’s corpses was the best page in comic history next to Deadpool’s shoryuken.

Kitchen Irish was seriously lame, outside a few funny things like when the faceless guy drops the N bomb a few times and gets his ass beaten.

Widowmaker was ok, since it also has a very grim tone and good characters, but everything just seems too Deus ex Machina.

But indeed, the Slavers is still waaaaaaaay out on top with Kitchen Irish waaaaaaay out on the bottom.

Get issue 50, cuz I’m liking the way this is going.

issue 50


Punisher has a daughter and Barracuda’s back.

I like where this is going despite the numerous questions this raises.

only thing bad about issue 50 was the art. chaykin’s pencils are horrible

Painy, you gotta stop hatin’. Chaykin’s a good creator. I got a stack of American Flagg! and after starting to read some of it, I’m figuring out why Chaykin is a living legend. And at least, unlike some other '80s superstars (like Byrne), Chaykin isn’t all washed out.

have you seen how he draws characters’ jaws? they look all deformed and shit. take this issue for example, a female was lying face down on the ground after she was killed. her face is turned sideways and you see a SQUARE jaw/chin. while the art wasn’t as bad is in say…his NA issue, it was still bad.

It’s just a style thing… His storytelling instincts are still strong. Some people don’t like Quitely’s faces or the Pander Bros.’ faces, but you can’t deny that they are all great artists… Unless you’re a HATER

I was reading the latest Grendel interview on newsarama and I couldnt believe the Panders were only 19 and 21 when they did Devil’s Legacy!

I, too, am not a big fan of the art in this issue. I definitely liked the art in Up is Down, Black is White (Hanna?), and I liked the art in the first part the least.

But I don’t like these big changes in art style. I didn’t even think that was Barracuda until they actually said it. Same with Yorkie.

I enjoyed them all. Even The Baracuda arc cause you weren’t supposed to take it seriously and he reminded me of the Russian. The Tie In was fucking hilarious.

Up is Down, Black is White and The Slavers are tied for my favs, with Mother Russia for third. ,

i grew to like quitely’s art. i have tried and tried to like chaykin’s pencils, but they are fucking horrible. i guess i am a hater then.