Today I was playing against the computer (uugh 3 more days till i can get my Xbox live :smiley: )and an eagle missed me completely with that move he does…you know…where he hits you a million times with the stick. He had his back turned to me…he was WIDE OPENED. I froze. This tends to happen often, when someone does that…Especially with Geese. I use K, so i dont have a bar, usually to punish him with. I missed my chance to KILL this guy. Usuallu i do a Jai-ai-ken, but is that good enough? my geese is R2, so it does decent damage, but on an opportunity like that i want to KILL the guy…lay some decent combos on…i sometimes crossup and do.Crossup-> c.lk -> c.Rrhk or run in s.lp -> c.lk -> reppukan. Is this enough? I need some devestating K combos…or really any combos that dont need a roll


Try crossup MK, standing HP into the MK three hit dash special (HCB+MK).


I just tried to in training mode…so far it doesnt work like that. Are you sure you have that right?


Yes, I just tried it myself, and it does 4515 damage. Where are you having problems? Is your MK deep enough?

BTW, you can use a crouching LP after the crossup instead of going directly into the standing HP. This will give you some leniency in how deep the crossup MK must be, as well as add some more damage.

So just to be clear, the full combo is:
Crossup MK, land Crouching LP, link Standing HP, into MK dash special