Punishing a tech throw

So, i was playing the comptuer and chun did something that made me think of a way to punish tech throws…

so, she went to throw my akuma, and i teched it, and as soon as i teched it, she did her SA1 and i couldn’t do shit about it, as i was still in the recovery from the tech…


is it possible to punish techs with this technique? where you bait the tech and then punish with a free super?

No you probably weren’t blocking and thought you were.

although that’s possible, i doubt it… i always block as soon as i tech throw… it’s a bad habit to ALWAYS do the same thing, but that’s what i do… i was holding back as soon as i hit the lp/lk

Edit: thinking about it, i was holding back when i hit the throw

I’m quite sure normal tech throws have both players recovering at the same time. In fact, don’t some people dislike that about 3S? I remember a person saying they’d prefer if the advancing player had some advantage, while the other player has invincible disadvantage.

I’m pretty (99%) sure that 3S has protection for this kind of thing to ensure it can’t happen. To my understanding, while you’re in the reeling tech throw animation, you can’t do anything, except block or parry, but only if there is something to block or parry. So you can’t just cancel the recovery by blocking.

The most common way to see this in action is against Urien. If he does a common Aegis setup like HK Tackle (blocked) xx HP Aegis, and then does dash up throw, if you tech the throw, you’re pushed directly into the Aegis. As long as you’re holding back after the tech (I just tech with back+LP+LK and hold back), you’ll see your character will immediately just start blocking the Aegis. It actually will look weird because you wont even see the tech throw animation because it gets canceled immediately.

Although I’ve never seen it, I would guess you could also parry in that situation, which just creates another question. I’ve never payed attention to what happened to Urien in that situation. I’m not sure if his reeling animation gets stopped also, or if he still is stuck in the entire tech throw animation. If he was, you might be able to something like tech the throw, parry immediately (for the first hit of the Aegis), then super with someone that has a rush super, like Ken or Chun, to go through the rest of the Aegis, and hit Urien before he recovers. Maybe it’s a little unrealistic, but not really considering how common the Aegis setups are that would allow you to do this.

The only thing I’ve ever seen that doesn’t work this way is air throws, where someone made a video showcasing how with an EX fireball, Chun’s airthrow, connected, or teched can lead to super. But it requires a ridiculous setup, so who cares.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Gaijin reminded me, I forgot to specify that I was pretty sure you both recover at the same time, and what I was talking about was more for “other” things hitting you, besides the character. But that proves the point that nothing (even the character) should be able to hit you.

Here’s a related question. The amount of space that comes between both characters after a tech varies. What controls that? I notice if one character is cornered the space is increased, but it seems to also happen randomly when rushing down or whatever.

This post reminds me of a thought I was ponderin the other day, but never tested…

If you tech the throw in that set up, with a character like Oro whose tech puts hm in the air, do you get a free juggle? Or can he parry?

Never noticed that before, but if I had to guess it would involved who teched who’s throw. I wouldn’t be surprised that some (or all) characters move different distances if their throw gets teched, or they’re the one teching the throw.

Maybe during the rush down, the throw attempt was obvious, so the guy on defense hit throw so fast it was his throw that got teched, instead of him teching?

I don’t think the tech throw animations really put characters in the air, I think it’s just the animation, but they’re still considered on the ground. Only one way to know though, and I can’t test anything right now :sad:.

well, wouldn’t that be the same idea if you were using elena, and i’m akuma…

i throw you with b+throw, throw a red fireball then a neutral demon flip, the kick should miss because elena parries in the air… but it doesn’t miss. she has to parry or block it… so, i don’t think the animation always determines if you’re grounded or not, unlike chun’s s.hk, which will put her in the air.

For part of the tech animation, he’s airborne. You can parry the aegis but you can’t block it. If you do nothing, you get hit and bounce off instead of being pushed through.

I’m not certain of which direction you parry though, since Urien and the aegis are usually on opposite sides.

So if Urien does the Tackle XX HP Aegis setup, and then does dash throw, and Oro techs the throw, he’ll be juggled by the Aegis, instead of just being hit on the ground? Or is the Aegis so close in this setup, that Oro isn’t in his airborne frames yet for the tech throw animation? Because if he was juggled by the Aegis, he would get juggled back toward Urien, wouldn’t he? Just like if you do the same setup, and then land a sweep, they bounce off the Aegis while being juggled.

I didn’t try that exact setup so there might be some spacing issues (I highly doubt it), but in a similar situation Oro hits the aegis once and bounces toward Urien because the tech throw animation (but only the middle part of it?) puts him in the air. If you tech at a certain time, Oro isn’t always airborne when he touches the aegis, so there would be no juggle possibilities in those cases. But I dunno why a miniscule difference in tech time makes it so.

Well, I don’t think it’s a matter of tech timing (if that’s what you were saying), but more an issue of how far the Aegis is behind the opponent. In that setup I said, the Aegis is very very close behind them when you throw them, so it would hit very early in the tech throw animation. My stick is now working again so I’ll test it tonight.

cool. let me know what’s up, so i can sleep on this thread

I just tested it now. You ARE vulnerable while being teched at least.

In Parry Training, I had Urien throw my Ken and immediately do a Strong Aegis. Then Urien threw as soon as Ken got up, immediately holding downback afterwards to try to block. Ken pressed Jab+Short, then toward immediately after to tech and parry at the same time. He then did a Shippu right after parrying.

Urien took the first hit of the Shippu (he couldn’t block) while Ken got hit by the Aegis.

Interesting. I’ll see about capping it tomorrow if I can.

EDIT: I’m certain Chun Li can get a free full super out of this.

Wow, crazy. Nice find, guys.

oh shit…

since chun is such a throw whore, could this possibly give her another edge, if people learn to take advantage of it? seriously, if you can now BAIT tech throws, like when you bait a parry, that just makes the game’s balance go haywire…

Ok, did some testing of my own.

I tried two setups of Urien vs Oro:

  1. HK Tackle xx HP Aegis, dash, throw.
  2. Directional throw, meaty LP sphere (parried) xx HP Aegis, throw.

First mystery solved, to answer your question about varying tech reel distances, I was right that it depends on whose throw gets teched. In some of my tests, since I knew the throw was coming, I was “teching” too soon, causing my own throw to get teched, which wasn’t giving me the right results. When Oro’s throw attempt gets teched, he’s on the ground the entire time, while in his true I-just-teched-a-throw animation, he hops back (with more distance).

In my 1st setup (Tackle xx Aegis), the Aegis is so close, that Oro can block it, which he must do immediately after teching. I tried parrying the Aegis a couple of times, but the timing is pretty weird because it’s so close after the tech throw.

In my 2nd setup, because the Aegis is farther behind Oro, if Oro techs Urien’s throw, he cannot block the Aegis because he is airborn during part of his throw tech animation. I tried blocking it multiple times and never could. However, I was right assuming you could parry the aegis, which I was eventually able to do once. I got an air parry, and Oro was actually facing the wrong way :looney:.

EDIT: I don’t know of any other characters offhand who are airborn during parts of their tech animation, but this makes some really dirty setups with Urien where if they try to tech the throw, they then have to try air parrying the Aegis, or Urien gets a free juggle.

Yeah, this sounds right, Chun should be guaranteed super. I bet Akuma could RD also, and get to Urien in time before he recovers.

It doesn’t really work that way. You can’t just cancel the tech throw animation with nothing, you have to have something already on your sprite to block/parry after the tech throw, which is impossible against almost the entire cast. The only character this is even remotely realistic against is Urien, and even then, it requires specific setups, and that he try to throw after that setup.

oh ok, so it’s about as useful as though it weren’t even there

Well, actually, after thinking about it for another minute, I realized it might be decent as a tool for Urien. I was thinking about it the other way (where the character that teched the throw gets to punish). There could be good applications where Urien can punish his opponent for teching his throw. That is, if there are other characters that are considered airborn for part of their tech animations. It might just be limited to Oro, which isn’t all that exciting :sweat:.