Punishing a tech throw

hmm… ok

i’ll have to see the urien thing in action to understand it though.

Done, and done.

If that link doesn’t work for you, go to my filefront and download the one uploaded today “Orotechthrow.asf.”

EDIT: Here is a second version of the same thing, in case the quality of the video makes it hard to see something.

Regarding Hunter’s video, I already knew all this… being an Oro player and facing Urien regularly. I was expecting to see Urien bust a combo off this. :slight_smile:

ok, but that’s only because oro parries in the air, right?

Heh, not that I’ve played a lot of Uriens with my Oro, but I’ve never seen this happen, personally. But yeah, I couldn’t do much considering I was holding my camera with one hand, and controlling Oro with the other :rofl:. But, trust me that Urien can do whatever after this; s.MP -> (parryable) Aegis bounce back, or just c.HP into whatever. You get the same options as setups where you sweep them, and then they bounce off the Aegis back to you. I would assume you could also do RX’s LK Tackle, Aegis bounce, dash back, LK Tackle.


It’s because Oro’s tech throw animation puts him airborn, so he can’t just block the Aegis. If he doesn’t wanna get bounced by the Aegis (giving Urien a free juggle) he has to parry the Aegis.

Note that in the video, when he hits the Aegis, he isn’t getting pushed backwards through it, like he would if he were grounded. He bounces off because he’s airborn.

I hate all of you :sad:

yeah, i meant when he teched, not parried. it was late last night.

thanks :slight_smile:

This is all very interesting. Never thought about this before.

Im pretty sure this had be discussed before… although it might of only been only in part (the otg status of some characters post tech throw)


(very end of vid and the only one I could think of off the top of my head)

This is great and everything -_-; But IMO is not very practical.

Throughout my adventures of the Tackle xx Aegis -> Dash-lands, the good people won’t sit there to tech your throw. They won’t care if the aegis is right behind them and play as if it wasn’t even there. -_-;

Fierce Shoryu your dash. Super your dash. Just poke your ass. Confirm -> Super. While all this is running through - their - minds, you’re hoping to get a throw and possibly even teched? =\ That’s not a 50/50 situation, that’s like… a 1/10 situation.


You’re saying alex yoon isn’t good? the video above shows him losing to it… and I don’t think anyone saying it should your main source of damage… but just that it can be useful in certain situations.

Nice. And double nice that this shows that it works on Yun, which (no offense Jinrai, I love Oro almost as much as you do) is a little more exciting then Oro.

I think the way to make this useful is that once you know what characters it works on, when you use a midscreen Aegis for a free mixup, instead of using any random setup, use a setup that will benefit from this happening (which actually is most setups, anyway). You don’t even have to try to throw them, but make the setup one that can cause this to happen.

By only using setups that can cause this, you lose no options, but at the same time, you increase your potential reward because in the instances where you do choose to throw, then even if they tech, you still get damage (it’s very hard to parry the Aegis right after the throw – if the person is even aware they will need to).

The bottom line is, this changes the possibility of having your throw teched, and your Aegis mixup not paying off, to having your throw teched, and still almost certainly getting damage anyway. It nearly guarantees damage.

Also, the video made me realize that if you are going to attempt to throw with one of these setups, it’s better to tick throw, rather then just straight up throw. The reason is that by ticking first, you give yourself frame advantage. This increases the odds that if they do tech, they’ll be teching your throw, instead of you teching their throw.

so now we know that urien gets a nice helping hand with this… can any other characters utilize this?

In theory you could do it with something ultraslow like Chun’s EX fireball, but that’s completely unrealistic.

Just when we thought we knew everything about this game.

seans basketball wins vs tech throws i’m sure dudley’s rose does also but i can’t seem to set up chun’s ex fireball because the animation was too slow to be able to throw after i set dummy to superjump then throw =(

a urien player from me country do this all time…
if you tech you are in the air …i don’t know if you can parry aegis (maybe you can’t) but if you are fast you can throw urien before and he need tech your throw …if you do this you are on the ground and now you can block this aegis .

Probably a stupid question, but, when you try to block Aegis in your video, which direction do you use? Right or left? Have you tried both? Sounds kinda idiot but i wanna be sure of what happened…

Another one: can aegis be parried and which direction should you use? (I guess down parry doesn’t work as oro is airborne)

I tried blocking by holding away from Urien. Never tried holding toward Urien, but I don’t see how that could work. The Aegis wasn’t hitting from the other side or anything.

When I parried the Aegis, I parried toward Urien, but Oro faced the other way for his parry animation (don’t understand that either). I parried a second time (toward Urien), and Oro was still facing the wrong way, and then I missed the third parry and got hit.

aegis can be parried, even in unblockable setups. it will vary from time to time though, cuz once you are “inside” the aegis, it bounces you back and forth within it, cuz the game doesn’t know which way to register it. I think you can watch your characters position in the aegis, and parry accordingly, it would usually be back and forth alternating (I would assume, and I’ve also seen it done once). It becomes another story when urien is beating ur ass while ur bouncing around in that thing, but if you keep the appropriate timing and rythm for the aegis, you can parry all of the aegis and urien’s pokes. (also seen it done once).