Punishing after air parry

I’ve been getting better with parrying attacks in the air, but I’m having a hard time punishing. I’ve been sticking with just kicking them since I can’t really think of anything else to do. Do you guys have any suggestions? I use SA3 if that matters at all.

i see alot of fierce punches done. Shrugs

Well, I?m very new to the SF universe; however the best option for me so far (using a shoto character such as Ken) after an air-parry =
Cr. Sk, cr. Sk ~ SAIII (this is obviously if you have meter and ur not too far away).
I find this to be the best method given that after your air-parry the opponent sometimes is able to block your attack. By using 2 cr. S.Kicks you are able to hit-confirm the super.
I see lots of peeps doing cr. Mk ~ SAIII, getting blocked and then eating a reversal combo/super. And I?ve seen this happen to experts as well (like SBO for ex)?cr. Mk~SAIII seems hard to hit-confirm even for experts after an air-parry in the heat of the battle.
If you don?t have meter, then?hmmm? (;)?..ummm?.I have no idea, maybe st. Sp, st. Hp ~ sp. Srk?
Just a throw doesn’t sound bad either
I don?t know (-_-;? lets hear what the proz have to say about this one.

Yea, the c.mkick>SAIII is definitely hard to confirm because you have to have already moved the stick by the time the kick would actually hit and you’d instinctively hit m.kick again to activate the super. Throws are expected so people just throw tech them most of the time. I think I’ll stick with an fp while we’re both in mid air. The c.lk x2>SAIII doesn’t sound too bad though if we land right next to each other. Thanks!

well if ur tallking 'bout parrying while ur in da air i’ll recomend your normal attack or an EX-tatsu. but don’t use normals too often other wise they’ll parry n u hav to parry n they’ll parry etc
if ur on the floor parrying then theres lots of optoins.
mp,hpxshoryu(mayb fit in another shoryu)
ex hadou(for cornering)
(forget parry and just double shoryu)
GoldenGunMan taught me dat u can do a l.shoryu M.shoryu(three hits)but u have to be very close, very good if people try to cross over u.

you can do double lp srk i think it does more damage than the lp > mp srk

nah it’s stronger than double lp just harder to hit l.shoryu,h.shoryu works too but u gotta get the last two hits of the h.shoryu and it does the same damage as l,shoryu.m.shoryu.
i’ll giv the info 2morow.

OK, I just won a bunch of matches in a tournament by using: air parry, cr. Sk, cr. Sk ~ SAIII. It’s so easy to hit confirm it. Not much damage, BUT you score a super and if they are able to block, you still can dash in and do your thing, you also don’t risk missing a super and no pay-back either (huge plus). I still don’t understand why I dont see this tactic in pro matches???..it worked fine for me against a good Chun-Li player, who can seriously rape your life-bar after a blocked super (who can’t).

In practice mode I tried the lp. srk, lp. srk VS lp. srk, mp. srk (kara srks)

and from what i remember the mp. srk hits 2wice and does 1 or 2 more points of extra damage. For me its hardly worth it, since the lp. srk, lp. srk comes out much easier.

I was wondering if lp. srk, xx srk is a good option after you air parry an opponent. Do you have enough time, will it hit easy and such?

EDIT (more questions): I just realized that after air-parrying, “st.MP, st. FP” has more range, comes out easier than “cr. Sk, cr. Sk” and is more damaging. But I noticed that many times after the parry it hits the opponent when he is still in the air…does that mean that you have to wait a bit more for it to ground hit, or its either you get an air hit, or the opponent gets to block your attack??

air to air combat, use short or med ppunches, so that if u parry their attack u can hit them back, and they get to parry it, they hit back, and u get to parry it,
after parrying a hit in air, u can do the following: (the order doesnt resemble how good they are)

  1. EX spin kick (land) dash up 2 uppercuts, (kara) (recommened this if u are parrying on way up ) "I dont think the 2 uppercuts will connect but, depending on how many hits it does in air

  2. lk,jp,forward,strong all these moves, if its done then u can hit them, if they parry it, u can parry and land on ground, then u can upppercut…

  3. if u parry on your way down to the ground, i say u should do a Fpunch, low forward, med uppercut into SAIII. (this should be done if ur opponet hit u witth his attacks on the last frame of the hit) different timing compared to no.4

  4. if u parry on your way down to the ground, the opponent hits u with their basic move, with the initial frame, then wait to parry more stuffs, cuz if they are smart enough they can combo, different timing compared to no.3

  5. Practice this and do not be greedy to attack, Ken vs Ken, if u are jumping on them, and they do a far med punch the follow-ups they will do is,

a) jap,strong, fierce SRK (i suggest for u to parry the strong, and then if u see flame then parry 3x, if no flame, then tap twice, cuz it could be the jab or strong, then punish with the desired combo, (my suggestion is to find out the damaging one)
b. if u can react fast, and u land on ground, mash on the grab…but then if they mind reads u, they will do uppercut, thats when the matchup with a specific person gets complicated…

  1. doesnt matter how good u r if u parry, never jump when u know that a jab can kill u, cuz i usually mash on the jab button when opponent is a low health and is jumping towards me,

anyhoo, i’ve listed the ones i have used, i dont try to copy many jap players entirely , because in the end ppl just becomes aware of how they play and dont even care to improvise with their playing style, i just see how daigo plays, and i just play in his style and my syle combined, for example , daigo is usually 2-3 moves ahead of his opponent and what i do is that, i try the same thing against makoto, at some point during matches i would press grab b4 they are about to dash, and then they get grabbed,
in conclusion, imo, they are pretty helpful if u want to punish, and u dont have to always copy jap players 100%, its okay to copy them a little bit, if u do, then ppl just become a shittier version of them, and they dont even have mind games, mind games have to be told to them.

Great posts so far : ), and another small thing one can do is if kara uppercutting the second uppercut is a bit hard, or if you are close enough to not have to kara the second one and you’d like to mix it up, then do one regular uppercut then throw out a light punch to reset them in mid-air so when they land you can combo a super or throw some more mix-ups. Obviously since you are giving then another chance to escape (since you are reseting) you may not want to do this, but it can do more damage than any of the alternatives here and can be a great surprise if done once in a set of matches of so as a mixup.

Very good input. Thanks =].