Punishing Assist Character

Is it even possible to punish the assist character? When I say punish I don’t mean like a jab or some bull shit. I want to like take their whole bar if not more. Combo into super DHC shit like that is this possible ? Because it doesn’t seem as though it is.

You can’t punish your opponent’s assist for that much damage, they’ll fall out of your combo as soon as you launch them. But you are able to combo them while standing along with the point character.

Ok one more question can I super them and it do damage to them?

yeah you can. A beam super or something will do the trick, but you have to be fast. Partner calls are only vulnerable before and while attacking, not afterwards.

Getting a really good punish on an assist is uncommon, not that assist punishment is really all that important. This isn’t MvC2 after all, assists don’t dominate in TvC like they do in Marvel and they’re not even remotely spammable.

But, then again… http://www.youtube.com/user/Rollisyourmother#p/u/6/BnA3w3Xp_io

that was an awesome vid LoL. I figured the assist where different from MVC2 and not as important stuff but I figured it’d be good to be aware of my options every now and again.

If assists can still be easily killed by Team Super w/Polymar’s Drill Car, then hooray! I’ve done it once with Ken/Polymar.