Punishing Blanka balls and escaping Fuerte mixups

Hello, I am having trouble punishing Blanka balls and getting out of Fuerte mixups.

Can anyone help post a comprehensive list of how to punish Blanka balls after block? I usually play random and experiment with every char but I don’t know how to fight a pesky Blanka with most of the cast. Here’s what I have so far (and I understand that not every char has a punish, but any additional info would help)…

Abel: Ultra
Blanka: roll
Boxer: jab dash punch
Dictator: roundhouse scissor
Chun Li: Ultra
Dhalsim: standing strong, forward, and fierce
Seth: standing fierce

Also, I have a lot of trouble dealing with Fuerte mixups after I get knocked down. I’m not sure how to respond in those situations. My general gameplan is to…

Tostada Press: block high (but risk getting crossed up) or focus dash cancel
Fajita Buster/Propeller Torilla: jump back and attack? not sure…
Slide: block low and punish

With teleport chars, I usually try to teleport out. Other than that… what other options do I have? Are there any char-specific options I should know about? Should I just mash out reversal dp’s?


I play Dictator and I don’t play alot of Blankas/Fuertes, but here’s from my experience. More experienced Bisons please correct me if I’m wrong.

Blanka: Punish balls with scissors, I believe RH does the most damage. I think you can also slide and hit him at certain ranges if you don’t have charge. If Blanka’s stupid enough to do it near a corner, I believe you can Ultra him. I’m not sure if you can Ultra him off a normal ball. You can always just jab him out of the ball.

Fuerte Mixups: Don’t be predictable. TP is good until they catch on and I believe they can punish it with slide. I like to mix up EX-DR, EX-PC, and TP. EX-SK might work, but I don’t personally like to do moves that are easily punishable.

Hit up training room set to record and do blanka balls and fuerte mixups, then test different counters.

I have and I listed the stuff I figured out. But I know I’m missing a lot and I’m hoping someone, who already has the knowledge, may share with me.

theres already a pretty full list up on the blanka character thread to answer this. but the only way to learn is really to practice in training or play more blankas online. add some blankas and play first to 10 kinda thing. and u shuld not fear blanka balls unless ur turtling and blocking them all.

Abel can dash forward and do f.MK and link into a free combo if the ball was punished while standing.

Oh man, that one is so obscure, I would have never figured it out myself. Thanks!

Did you know that Blanka Balls can even be punished on hit? depending on how close they are to the corner, you can eat a blanka ball and then Ultra him anyway

well, with Gouken you can punish blanka balls with lp palm if blocked standing.
Gouken’s game against elf is problematic. probably the best go to getout is backdash, but obviously the can vary the timing to punish that. you can also ex-flip and a few other things, but overall, Gouken is fairly screwed in this matchup.

A ton of characters can backdash out of most of Fuerte’s mixups for free. Chun and Abel are notorious for this. I’ve had to deal with soooo many Abel backdashes OVER MY GODDAMN SLIDE it drives me crazy.

Alright, I’ve figured out some more stuff and here’s my updated list (I couldn’t find this other Blanka char thread with this info). This doesn’t include blocked balls in the corner, 'cause it seems like pretty much anything works for those. Let me know if I missed anything.

Abel: dash->f+MK (if blocked standing), ultra
Akuma: none that I know of
Blanka: HP/EX roll, slide
Boxer: LP/MP dash punch, LP dash low, LK/MK dash upper, LK dash blow, super, ultra
Cammy: HK/EX spiral arrow, super (LK version recommended), ultra
Claw: none?
C.Viper: MP/HP seismo, MP super
Dan: ultra (if blocked standing)
Dictator: MP/HP/EX psycho crusher, MK/HK/EX scissor kicks, super (HK version recommended)
E.Honda: HP/EX sumo headbutt, MP/HP super, ultra
Fei Long: 2nd+3rd hits of EX rekkaken, HP super
Chun Li: ultra and HK super (if blocked standing, but I only managed to get 2 hits from both, so neither option seems to be worth it)
Dhalsim: standing MP, MK, and HP
El Fuerte: run->slide, HK super, ultra (strict timing)
Gen: MP or HP zan’ei super, Zetsuei ultra
Gouken: LP shoryuken (if blocked standing)
Guile: none?
Ken: none?
Rose: MP/HP super (MP version only works if blocked standing), ultra
Rufus: none?
Ryu: super (LP version only works if blocked standing, HP version recommended)
Sakura: none?
Sagat: EX low tiger shot
Seth: standing fierce, MP/HP super, ultra
Zangief: none?

rufus’s punish for blanka ball is to block it standing, take a step forward then GRAB THE NACHOS

LOL grab the nachos!

For Abel just pre-empt s.mp and dash s.lk works too and easier to time.

Guile can probably punish with EX Boom, but I’d test that.

Yeah, Guile can punish with EX Boom, but the timing needs to be precise.

Midscreen, Vega can block Blanka ball standing, dash up, and politely ask Blanka to cut that shit out.

Abel… if the blanka ball hits, you can do an ultra but it has to be reversal timing.

Dash forward, f+mk xx dash cancel s.hp rekka is what you should be doing most of the time.

SF4 isn’t a very random friendly game. You need to stick to one character and learn matchup intricacies, but each to their own.

Chun can get full ultra on blanka but it’s quite timing-specific. Don’t go for an instant reversal, wait until he’s just about to land. Or if you can reliably dash ultra, just do that and it’ll come out at the right time.

Can’t zangief walk forward a little then do ex green hand? Viper can punish with walk up mp TK but the timing is strict and I also wouldn’t be surprised if viper could punish with a low SJ burn kick.

Gief’s gotta do a kara EX hand to punish blanka ball, as per [media=youtube]QT4QQgBPVFM"[/media]