Punishing Blanka balls

Hello, I am having trouble punishing Blanka balls and I want to build a comprehensive list of options for each char. I posted this question at the Saikyo Dojo forums, but a lot of the advice just told me to get into training mode and test everything myself (which I have been doing, but I don’t catch them all).

Can anyone post some ways to punish Blanka balls after block? I usually play random and experiment with every char but I don’t know how to fight a pesky Blanka with most of the cast. Here’s what I have so far (and I understand that not every char has a punish, but any additional info would help)…

Abel: Ultra, someone suggested dash -> f+MK after a standing block
Blanka: roll
Boxer: jab dash punch
Dictator: roundhouse scissor
Chun Li: Ultra
Dhalsim: standing strong, forward, and fierce
Ken: f+MK
Seth: standing fierce

I’m sorry if this has been done before. If it has, may someone link me to that list? I tried using the forum search feature but couldn’t find anything.

(Also posted in the Saikyo Dojo forum)

Alright, I’ve figured out some more stuff and here’s my updated list (I couldn’t find this other Blanka char thread with this info). This doesn’t include blocked balls in the corner, 'cause it seems like pretty much anything works for those. Let me know if I missed anything.

Abel: dash->f+MK (if blocked standing), ultra
Akuma: none that I know of
Blanka: HP/EX roll, slide
Boxer: LP/MP dash punch, LP dash low, LK/MK dash upper, LK dash blow, super, ultra
Cammy: HK/EX spiral arrow, super (LK version recommended), ultra
Claw: none?
C.Viper: MP/HP seismo, MP super
Dan: ultra (if blocked standing)
Dictator: MP/HP/EX psycho crusher, MK/HK/EX scissor kicks, super (HK version recommended)
E.Honda: HP/EX sumo headbutt, MP/HP super, ultra
Fei Long: 2nd+3rd hits of EX rekkaken, HP super
Chun Li: ultra and HK super (if blocked standing, but I only managed to get 2 hits from both, so neither option seems to be worth it)
Dhalsim: standing MP, MK, and HP
El Fuerte: run->slide, HK super, ultra (strict timing)
Gen: MP or HP zan’ei super, Zetsuei ultra
Gouken: LP shoryuken (if blocked standing)
Guile: none?
Ken: none?
Rose: MP/HP super (MP version only works if blocked standing), ultra
Rufus: none?
Ryu: super (LP version only works if blocked standing, HP version recommended)
Sakura: none?
Sagat: EX low tiger shot
Seth: standing fierce, MP/HP super, ultra
Zangief: none?


Zangief has Kara EX GH.

Shouldn’t Guiles EX sonic boom work?

Ooh, thank you! That’s quite useful.