Punishing Gill's resurrection super

I rarely, if ever, play the AI. But now some of my friends are picking Gill. What are some good ways to punish ressurection?

I tried Urien FB with MP, and it was funny how it just kinda floated up around him. LP FB is cool, but it doesn’t seems to hit him as earlier as I’d like it to.

I am liking the free dizzy jugle before the super though. :slight_smile: Doesn’t Ibuki have an infinite because of resurrection?

if you’re using Ryu with Shinshoryuken, stand right next to Gill as he’s resurrecting and do fierce Shoryuken xx Shinsho and watch him get KOed :tup:. if you don’t have meter, just do s. roundhouse or roundhouse Tatsumaki.

if you’re using Dudley, SSB xx super is great. or just SSB.

if you’re using Ken, jab Shoryuken x 2.


Yun gets a free GJ when Gill ressurects.