Punishing hurricane kick



hi, i cant seem to punish blocked hurricane kicks online, is it about lag? or im missing something else?


Already answered in the other thread, but what the heck…
Could you be any more specific?
If you’re talking about blocking standard huricane kicks against Ryu or Akuma for example with their HK huricane kicks, then yeah, you can’t punish those because they leave them at -1 (Akuma) and 0 frames (Ryu).
If you want to punish those with a HP shoryuken with Ryu, its not possible because it has a 3 frame startup. If Akuma uses a MK huricane, than you could punish it with a SRK because he’s at -8 frame disadvantage.

To sum it up: theres no way you could punish a blocked full/midscreen huricane if they do the right one.
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lol i posted that thread right after this one sorry for that, thanks for replying though.


You can punish Akuma hurricane with super.


I punish Tatsus all the time with Super. Its really funny reversal supering a Ken after a Ex Tatsu on hit too


Ken is -2,0,-1, and +1 on his tatsu so you can only punish L+H versions on hit. All of them can be punished on block with super, though.


Im not saying its inescapable or a guaranteed super. All Im saying is start doing it, you will be surprised how many times it works



If you bait hurricanes from full-screen, you can always always punish cr.mp, cr.hp, or cr.mk xx Ultra 1.

If you’re blocking high, there’s no guaranteed punish.


^ I disagree


Except for super