Punishing mistakes

i’ve always wondered but never had the time to figure it out, what’s the best way to punish a mistake? i’m looking between the following:

level 1 super
shoryuken (3 hit or whatever)
RH hurricane kick
level 2 super?

i was thinking level 2/3 supers are no brainers…but what is the most damaging way to deal with someone who, say, whiffs a dragon punch?

never, ever use hurricane kick. Even if you land it YOU can be punished, and by almost anything, especially supers. :frowning: I suggest punish with

d.mk xx fireball
d.mk xx dragon punch
s.fp xx dragon pucnh

against someone who whiffed a dragon punch i’d standing fierce into dragon punch. Good damage for little effort.

i normally do s.fp then fierce DP, or i just throw

is either throw more powerful than the other? i use the rolling throw…but is the shoulder toss better?




Ahh actually I find that in the corners, and I guess anywhere else, Kens RH hurricane kick will beat alot of small jumps. Sagats sm Roundhouse especially get beat. That kick comes out so fast and has good priority, I use it on reaction in the corners.:evil:

you’re right, for anti small jumps and anti rolling (especially quick guys like Iori who can be hard to throw out of rolls) a hurricane kick works alright. But if you hit a person on the ground with it, like, say, Sagat, after your last hit lands he’ll have the opprotunity to nail you with a tiger upercut, or a super, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

typically, kick throw are stronger than punch (but are also asier to tech hit). My ps2 isn’t set up at the moment, but once it is i’ll actually check it out. Stupid non-yet-setup new apartment…:bluu:

I thought kick throws had more start up but did more damage, and punch trows were faster but did a lil less damage…Is this wrong???

uh, no, that’s right. I thinks that’s what i wrote above too. So yeah, kick throws stronger (more damage) punch throws faster (harder to tech hit).
ken’s throws (in C, ratio 2, no meter, vs c-r2 Kyo, damage level 2)
punch throw: 1700
kick throw: 2200

That’s a pretty huge different.


Actually… I often find that-especially in arcades-my playing style does not reallyrequire supers… so often times if they whiff a shoryuekn I’ll combo into a Lv 3 Shoryu Reppa (if using Ken) But most times im in A Groove with Ken (He has incredibly easy customs) So… well… ya…

Actually, you can do some really mad stuff with Ken’s hurricane, so don’t say it’s trash. For starters, Ken’s j. qcb + roundhouse has more priority than j. roundhouse and it gets great distance, so I use that often for my aerials. You can use Ken’s TK HK (qcb-up+back + roundhouse) as mad getaway and anti-cross-up. You can spam RC qcb + short for meter and bait with it RC or not. You can do really shizzy unpredictable stuff in the corner with qcb + short. Just try to avoid using roundhouse hurricane on the ground, that’s when it gets messy. I AM finding that even though there’s the opening at the end of it, you can usually safely dp + jab. Works about 65-70% of the time. Even if they block, you’ll often find it’s safe.

Actually, dp + jab is the number one special to punish with IMO, and it works wonders vs. top-tier, even Sagat. I also like RC floppy kick for punishment. Almost always use short kick floppy kick if it’s in range, unless you’re doing it over a projectile, then use roundhouse.

Reasons why dp + jab is good:
-comes out in one frame
-carries a LOT of priority
-it’s safe, very safe
-invincible on the way up (even through projectiles)
-it’s great anti-air
-it has respectable damage

So don’t overuse dp + fierce if it isn’t working out… switch to jab punch.

Use kick throws for roll-ins, and air-throws (duh)
Use punch throws for throwing them when they land from a whiffed/blocked anti-air. I generally stick to punch throws unless I’m rolling or jumping. Safer.