Punishing players that just raw tag all day?


Hey guys, me and my friend recently started playing UMVC3 and yer we are both scrubs but i have a question. I play Wolverine, Wesker and Phoenix and i love the crazy rushdown style of Wolverine but i have a problem… Say i land a hit with wolverine i can get my opponent into the corner pretty easy with his BnB but because i have phoenix i cant really end with supers etc so its usually just TAC’s etc that i use. my problem is my opponent likes to just jump back and foot dive or sit in the corner crouch blocking and push blocking, now this is also fine because i can just keep up the pressure however when i land one combo on him hes mashing tag like a mofo and if hes in block stun and i keep attacking he just raw tags and i get kicked back and i have to start again, now ofcourse his point character is sat there healing up all its red life and this happens with all 3 of his characters i land a combo once he raw tags heals and slowly kills my team 1 by 1 if hes lucky and lands a hit. Surely there must be something i can do to stop him from just mashing tag kicking me away and relieving the pressure and letting his characters heal up, how do i punish this? if tried blocking the incoming tagged characters attack but its very hard to punish unless im extremely fast/lucky i can land a hit. its also scary i find to call assist like akumas tatsu with wolverine in the corners because literally one tag and its a happy birthday. Could someone please help me out with this and teach me how to unish these people that literally get hit once and start mashing tag, and also any advice on using my assists on characters that im pressuring in the corner? aAll help appreciated :slight_smile:


if you know they are going to raw tag, hold up back, block the tag, dash forward and punish.
the timing is pretty lenient. when you land from blocking you just dash immediately.

attacking with your assist, my best suggestion would be to watch justin wong and look at where he does attacks with wolverine and where he just calls tatsu. a lot of times he will not commit with both, just one at a time, but he will transition between the two very fast