Punishing Quesadilla Bomb



Quesadilla Bomb was pretty much the highlight of Spring Fighter 2014 and I don’t want anybody else getting bodied by it. Even though there were some obvious punishes and the move literally is -17 or -18, I noticed slight walk up low forward doesn’t always punish it at certain spaces.

-Good Damage
-You need to have Ultra
-There are times that I honestly rather U2

Heavy Tattsu
-Knockdown + position
-Horrible Damage

So what else can we do?

Light Axe kick ALWAYS WORKS

-Does more damage than Tattsu
-Builds Super Meter opposed to having to waste meter like U1
-If you have two bars, it could lead into 45% life combos

I’m still a fraud for losing at Spring Fighter the way I did. I was honestly unprepared because I don’t own this game at home at the moment. I’m relying on going to random NYC sessions and Next Level to play Ultra. But do what you gotta do right?


Thanks for the info Lilevil. Congrats on making top 8 at Spring Fighter.


lol thanks Rice Eater. Hopefully next time I’ll place higher!