Punishing st vega walldive with chun

How would i do this? sometimes if i have the time hk or upkicks work. i heard it was neu j lk that you use.
also would like to know chun attack strings.

try jump back hard kick or punch when hes coming at you. maybe even jump towards him use chun in this so dont know really just work with most other characters.

It seems your trying to pick up chun in mult game atm I would just stick to one I feel like she plays different in everygame.

Also there should be a matchmaking thread wich tells you what beat what on the 1st page if not they are slacking in the chun thread.

Jump up neutral lp, lk, rh, fp. I use rh mainly for the knockdown, jump back rh and lk/mk work also. As far as meaty wall dives go, good luck with that. Bad times for Chun, but normals walls dives arent bad imo.

Focus, dash towards the side he lands on and punish. I assume you know how to st.hk > ex legs? I don’t know why a Vega would be wall diving for no reason though.

cr.lk cr.lp st.lp st.hp

c.lk x3 ex legs

c.lk cr.lp cr.lp st.mp overhead move

I’m no chun player but thats what I would do. Chun forums probably have better info.

Read before you try to answer.

uh… yeah. don’t assume that I play sf4… That and st is an abbreviated acronym for a game called super street fighter 2 turbo. Play it sometime, it’s a huge influence for sf4.

Well if you capitalize ST it might be clearer. these damn abbreviations are confusing me, st. lk hp fadc wtf is this.

My advice is jumping light kick, hell any kick could work if you’re early enough but jumping light kick is generally best.

Any kind of jumping attack tbh, Chun Li has no reliable ground antiairs imo, upkicks will get you izuna dropped by the pretty boy… but again I dont play with Chun Li often.

her ground aas can be c hk (for jump ins), hk, or st. hp.

If youare on here long enough you will het them.
lp, hp, mp have been familiar to me since i was in elementary-middle school, because they stand for light, medium, and hard punch. That’s when I started learning special moves.

I think he was making a joke about the abbreviations. Just not using capital letters contributes to people misreading your title, is all.

Oh yeah for some reason I read “st” as “straight” but then that didn’t make any sense so I typed some bull shit out… SOOOOOO SORRY!!!

the trick to punish wall dives with new chun is to hit him before hes able to dive. jump back mk, lk, and even hp works. neutral jumping hk works too.

when hes doing a meaty wall dive, your options are limited. lk upkicks work the best in this situation.

for old chun, wake up sbk works pretty well against meaty wall dives.