Punishing Yun Geneijin Activation

So with chun you can punish it with super, necro w/ electric snake, what else? I’ve been seeing more people punish this shit lately and not letting yun get away with it. In that vid of uni vs pylo lee, uni saw pylo’s dash back so he KNEW he was going to activate. I’ve seen plenty of chuns super this shit as well.

Also what’s the distance on these things and do you have to input the super before his superfreeze?

stuff like electric snake might be ok to attempt a GJ activation punish… but idk about Chun… seems like its a big gamble, and if yun recovers, or if he doesnt activate, you’re pretty screwed. In order for yun’s GJ activation to be punished your move already needs to be out. You really don’t have leeway to make a mistake when yun is activating GJ.

I guess it can easily be punished with quick, long range supers. Bonus points for it being safe.

Some others I can think of off the top of my head are Makoto’s SAII and maybe Q’s SAI. The problem is you have to predict when he’s going to Genei Jin, so it’s always a gamble.

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mak saII, hell no that shit is so slow

This is a guess, but I think projectile supers would work. Such has hadou burst, shinkuu, and temporal thunder. They move across the screen very fast. Like the above posters said, that is indeed a gamble.

Other guess would be, Tenshin Senkyutai and rushing supers of that nature.


Blocking isnt punishing:confused:

I have a vid wear mester does low forward xx gj vs frankie 3s and he ex dp’s out of it.

EX Aegis.

but if mester blocks…gg.

the only reasonable thing would be chun sa2, but they have to be close enough, and nobody really activates that close. scrubastian you know this already why make a thread?

Sebastian hasn’t life taken over your life yet. You know Yun is too good anyways. Our characters can’t do shit anyways. Unless I switched to Chun or even Yun, counter activated and hope my mashing wins over his genejin mashing

with chun all u do is buffer super and wait for yun to activate and let the screen freeze and piano in the kick inputs its not that hard, its basically a hit confirm. doesn’t work full screen i think yun is -6 when he activates i think thats what issie said someone confirm this?

It’s gotta be more than -6. I think it’s like -12.

These are the some of the things i do vs Ginei Jin:

-Jump away when he activates it and try to hit him I guess.
-A lot of Yun users always do that back attack thingy to chip off your HP when their Ginei Jin’s first hit is blocked. Parry it. It’s two quick parries, then counter.
-If he is trying to set up his Ginei Jin with that 4-hit combo they usually do that ends with that back attack thingy, if you’ve blocked the first 3 hits, be ready to parry that last hit and then counter. Or, if you’re good, just parry his first hits.

Overall, if you see patterns, just parry. His Ginei Jin is relatively easy to parry unless he does a lot of short pokes and UOHs and such then you are better off blocking.

But the best way to avoid Ginei Jin is just jump away when he activates it, or don’t get hit by a combo that connects with Ginei Jin.

Not fast enough. They also all have relatively slow startup.

Wow, very captain obvious :lol::lol:
Block and parry, a Genei-Jin-only strategy :rofl:

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