Punishing yun in 3s

I use Chun. Basically the only char i have trouble with besides dudley. Anway I think i can effectively punnish through parrying his genei jin starters like shoulder, kicks, and his push and throwing or retaliating with legs etc, Still any suggestions?

And btw “stop trying to punish and block”… Not cool. I’m blocking and then getting mixed up or messed up and then I eat a ginei jin. Which is why I want to know what to parry. And if I block too much yun does his command throw and goes for a juggle combo.

stop trying to punish and block

Good luck. It also depends on what character you are using.

generally you want to punish his movement and meter building - not his specials.

learn to punish his lunge punch (at dif ranges) and if he does wakeup kickies (even good yun’s will bust this out from time to time since it’s so unexpected). wakeup kicks get beat by meaties, though the ex version usually wins here, but that doesn’t matter because they just lost bar and didn’t do any damage anyway.

parrying shoulders are usually free fierces (or at least a moderate punish even when in gj)

know what option you have at what height if you block or parry divekicks. good yun’s will usually space these properly so you don’t have a “good” option anyway but it’s important to know what you can safely go for when. if you block real high, you can throw in some cases or won’t be punished if they jump again (though you’ll get into another pressure situation). if you block them low on your sprite, you usually don’t have anything. if you parry one high, fierces are possible in some cases, if you parry them low, i probably wouldn’t go for anything but a throw or low tech…or read them jumping again and hit them out of the air.

Hitting a fierce dash punch after the EX dragon kicks gives you back around 90% of the meter you just used, and if you’re cornered, it gets you out of the corner, and if you’re not, it gets your opponent closer to the corner.
That and no smart Yun uses anything but the EX Version if they decide to do wakeup dragon kicks (which doesnt happen too often)

Of course no good Yun is going to wakeup with normal kicks, but this guy may not know that. Everything I’m talking about below is referring to ex kicks.

I don’t know…I think it can be argued…of course with regards to life, bar, etc. If I’m going to pressure at a distance for wakeup ex kicks->lunge punch to be effective/possible, and he’s going to choose an offensive option on wakeup, in a lot of cases Yun can parry here while in range for 123GJ. Unless kicks into lunge punch is going to kill me (in which case it may be slightly easier to bait), I would much rather eat that option. Parry 123 GJ is going to take more damage, build the bar back as well, and have me in a much better pressure situation.

I’m saying “it doesn’t matter” as in it’s not something to worry about most of the time. I give Yun a lot more room if I start to give a fuck about him waking up with ex kicks - not to mention he’s probably risking a lot more life by doing ex kicks as opposed to even a wakeup parry. If he parries wrong, he’s eating what I’ve committed to; he guesses kicks wrong, and he eats whatever the hell I choose. If I’m worried about wakeup kicks and he doesn’t do it, he’s getting up for free.

I’m not saying your point is invalid, but (probably since I’m a Makoto player - though I do think this applies with more characters) I probably see this a bit differently overall. With Yun’s stamina, that damage (again unless you’re going to die) is minimal within the context of the round and the risk/reward from each side.