well, I have been playing fighting games for the past couple of days and in them i realise that punishing is a big part of it. every time i try and punish something i know is punishable it just doesn’t work and get blocked :confused:

Then its’ either 1. Not punishable by that attack or 2. You’re timing it wrong.

Example of 1: Somebody does an attack that’s -5 on block. You do an attack that has a 6-frame startup. No possible way that will hit unless they just don’t block it.
Example of 2: You see a SRK that gets blocked. You can normally sweep this. You don’t react fast enough and you don’t hit sweep until they’re practically on the ground. They can block this.

What game(s) are you playing? Punishing is different in each. In Tekken, it’s 75% of your offense. In Street Fighter, it’s about 1/2, depending on the character you’re using. (e.g. Akuma’s going to rush and force hits more than Ryu, who’s going to punish every mistake you make)

If there are moves you know you can punish but you fail to just go to training mode and replicate the situation over and over again until you can do it for free.

In marvel my sparring partner uses haggar and lariat into rapid fire super would hit me all day on the last hit of the super which ground bounces. Even though I know the punish (chicken block into quick normal) I still failed to do it in match situations. So I went to training mode and punished it over and over again until I could do it comfortably in matches.
It may seem silly but if you play people consistently your losses pretty much come down to a couple of situations. If a situation comes up where you should be the one punishing but you get hit or just block and do nothing it can have a big effect on your ability to win matches.
Also punishing correctly forces your opponent to try different safer stuff. It makes them better, thus making you better and improving gameplay all around.

well the games i own are on xbox: injustice, UMVC3, SFxT (which i don’t play much), and 3rd stike, on pc skull girls beta and AE mostly been playing skull girls since it’s the most recent game i have bought :P.

Learn more before you start giving advice to others.

Sometimes it comes down to reaction. While playing injustice, I block strings that I know can be punished but I press the punish string to slow. DOH!

Alright, well, since you apparently want to be picked apart I’ll have my go at it. My statements in this post pertain mostly to Street Fighter.

First off if you bothered to read what he wrote you would realize he can’t specify a single move, or even a few specific moves because…

…meaning he’s having trouble punishing many moves. The degree of their susceptibility to be punished is unknown, since he hasn’t specified a move(s). Of course, you immediately assume he means DPs or other such unsafe moves, and then make the ridiculous assertion that “punishing only occurs when someone screws up or is trash.” Really? So if say, Ken barely whiffs a c.MK and gets whiff-punished with a sweep, I guess that Ken player was just utter trash! Or hey, that scrub Infiltration had his sweep punished by Balrog’s super! Can those maneuvers particularly be categorized as mistakes? Kind of, but not really. Sure, they took damage, but that’s because that’s the inherent risk in playing footsies, or in Akuma’s case it was PR Balrog’s preparation, knowledge, and reactions that allowed him to punish a normally safe maneuver. The player’s “mistake” was as much a product of his misjudgement as it was his opponent’s maneuvering. I can’t even imagine what kind of matches are played by good players as you imagine them, since a player that gets punished for a move is apparently “trash” in your eyes.

I guess mix-ups are a distinctly separate type of move now? Also, fireballs aren’t particularly safe unless they’re used correctly. Furthermore, this has nothing to do with helping the OP.

Going into further detail about something the OP didn’t bring up in the first place. I also like the fact that you missed the uppercut’s most well-known and common use: as an anti-air. Also, in my experience you’re much more likely to see a projectile used to get the last bits of chip damage in, as opposed to the far riskier uppercut.

Thanks. Maybe if he had asked “when should I throw a fireball?” this might actually be helpful. Except not, because you just told him that it’s a good idea to throw raw fireballs point blank at his opponents, where their start-up is vulnerable to getting stuffed by pokes or just being blown through by the great deal of moves with invincible start up (aka, a lot of Ultras). If they are out of that range, then it’s probably a fireball that has massive recovery as tradeoff for its great speed, like Guile’s EX Sonic Boom, making such a thing super risky. Also, whether or not you’ll be able to punish their attempted jump-in is as much a product of when they jumped, just as much as where they jumped from.

Wow, someone’s trying to shoot for every stop on the off-topic train. Not only that, but you’re describing Cammy as though you’d never played/watched a decent one in your life. Which, I suspect might be true.

Also yeah, I do consider myself pretty competent.

For the OP:
Practice punishing the move in training mode. Set the opponent to block all attacks, then record them performing that move, as well as stopping the recording right as the dummy performs it. In this fashion, when you hit play the dummy will revert to attempting to block all attacks, even as it recovers from the move it just performed. Now, block the attack, and try to punish it. Once you find a reliable and damaging method, practice it until you have it down.

Edit: Almost forgot.

“If you’re not hitting, which is about 90% of the time, feel free to do any of these things that happened to cross my mind as I was typing. I have not accounted for anything else about the situation, only that you’re not hitting your opponent, and that your fingers can presumably hit buttons.”

Yeah, great advice.

lancer i love you (no homo) for the most part i was thinking while reading his posts “is he actually going to tell me how to punish” also thanks for the advice

Also, be aware that whether a move can be punished or not is sometimes dependant on spacing.

Let’s say you are playing Character A. Your opponent is playing Character B.
If Character B uses his sweep, which is -6 on block, and you block it point blank, then you can punish it with whatever move you want that has a startup of 6 frames or less. However, if Character B uses his sweep at the very tip of its range and you block it, then your options become much more limited. Not only must you choose a move that can reach Character B plus the pushback that occurs as a result of the block, but it must also have a startup of 6 or less. If Character A has no moves that can reach Character B within 6 frames, then at that spacing Character B’s sweep is unpunishable by Character A.

What are you trying to punish?