Punishment against Rufus players

Lately I’ve been playing against Ricky Ortiz’s Rufus, and while I can go about 4-6 with him, his blockstrings always lead into a HP galactic tornado, which to this day, I don’t know how to punish.

My question, simply answered, is whether or not you can do anything against such strings, or has GT become the safest move in the game to throw out?

you can throw DP in between the normal xx GT if im not mistaken

Ah I kinda figured that would be the case, but if they start to anticipate it, it becomes too much of a gamble I think.

You can get a standing ovation for buffering Ultra to come out between normal xx Galactic Tornado.

Also watch how he ends his EX Messiahs when you block. When you see a pattern punish accordingly either by FA into Crumple stun and Ultra, or hitting Ultra inbetween hits dependent on which attack he ends the Messiah with.

Really unless you’re very confident you know what your opp is going to do, I would recommend either attempting to FA-confirm a shoryu or teleport. These are low-risk options in this situation. Using a shoryu when you don’t have meter or using an ultra are high-risk.

Well yeah, for Messiahs, but those aren’t really the problem. Ricky doesn’t throw them out too sloppily.

You can also punish an exGT with ultra. If he has a certain link string that you know will end in exGT and he messes up the link(usually with c.mk before the exGT ) punish it accordingly.

Mm so EX-GT can be punished with ultra, and regular blockstrings can be Shoryu’ed before the transfer. Do you guys know if the properties of the 2-in-1 cl.HP-HPGT can be interrupted similarly? I’m away from the game, so training mode is out of the question at the moment.

ah ricky is good i play him at Sunnyvale and have yet to beat him

I can go about 3-7 with him. Or about 4-6 on a good day. Still, I hate playing him. He’s more about kicking around everybody than he is about improving the quality of those he plays.

And there goes the thread…

I swear to god, Gouki players’ conversations degenerate into everything but game mechanics.

What do you want him to do…take you to SF school? :lol:

Unfortunately it’s up to you to improve the quality of your play. If a good player decides to help those around him improve their game that’s a bonus, but it can’t be expected.

u mad

This is the art of forum posting. I went like 5 to 30 against Adeel one time. That’s a personal best, pretty sweet.

My response sounded more bitchy than intended I spose. It isn’t his job to improve the quality of the players, but after playing people like Crackfiend and LPN, his attitude is more akin to having a stick up his ass when it comes to having fun with the competition.

Actually the thread got derailed when you chimed in, idiot.

some people are different than other people

I don’t think anyone should expect help. Some people only have time to focus on their on game and not other peoples. If I spent all my time on my own game and not making tutorials I’d probably be mad better at this game.

Welcome to tournaments?