Punishment Guide for GODS - The Ares thread


Welcome Fellow Brother. Together with our Might and wisdom we shall bring forth Divine…urg I mean PROFANE punishment to are enemies.

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Ares Info

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The largest weakness for Ares is that he doesn’t have a particularly solid AA. His uppercut gets stuffed pretty easily. Teleport works sometimes just for getting out of the way, but it’s not really a good counter. If the jump is not right on top of you, then the sword can be used, but it’s not good against quicker jumps. Neutral jump j.1 works sometimes as well, but neutral jumping for all AA is not optimum.

That said, he shuts down zoning for free. Firing projectiles at an Ares that isn’t doing anything is just asking for an asskicking. He’s definitely not a rusher though, as he’s too slow, and doesn’t have particularly good mixups if his trait weapons are on cooldown (it’s pretty good actually if they’re up, especially the sword). However, his oki game is pretty solid between using teleports, his super ambiguous j.2, his plethora of overhead combo starters, a very fast low kick that can be special cancelled into sword or f.3 (costs meter, though), and the unblockable ground pound. That j.2…it’s so ambiguous that if jump forward and use it with the spacing at the start of the match, it hits in front, but if you barely tap forward before doing it, it crosses up. So good.

His damage is superb, doubly so when he has his trait up. The basic BnB I do deals 40-42% for no meter, and for 1 meter I can often do 50%, and leave them in the corner for more shenanigans.


Excellent assessment Angrylord. I havent had much experince in AAA due to lack of matches but Sounds about right to me. I’ve already made habit of USing MB 3’s to cope with this.


I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll have to work that in, as I always have a fuckton of meter since I tend to only meter burn his ground pound, or I use it to win clashes (his super isn’t worth it 99% of the time). Maybe that’s why they didn’t sweat the AA on a lot of the cast, as having a bar of meter takes care of that issue.

He can quasi-zone against those without zoning tools. His fireball is somewhat slow to start, but it travels fast, with decent knock back on it. It can be ducked, but the meter burn version hits overhead. There’s nothing like making someone camp for a second using the fireball, and then flying across the stage for a ground pound combo for ~40%.


Yep As said I consider Ares a Shut don character. They tend to dictate match momentum.


I’m new to the game (aren’t we all?) and have decided to main Ares. I was wondering what are good times to use his ground pound and whats a good combo out of the meter burn ?
Also, the “bread n butter” combo I’ve been messing with is:
j.2, 112string, d.4 (rising sword), j.2
From here you can:

  • f.23string, b.4 (straight axe) ~48%
  • b.23string, b.13string ~42-43% (sends across screen with axe ready)

the latter being the most interesting one, seeing as how from the b.23string you can d.2 for uppercut but I am having trouble finding a way to throw the axe in there for that extra 10%
just throwing some ideas out


Is normal ground pound is best use on reset and certain situation were is other tools are in effective in. (anti zoning, covering distance, wake up)

His meter burn gives him fast recovery to where you apply almost any ground base combo he has but i personally like to use his F3 or B3 normal to net 9% damage buff and than proceed to what ever combo that can be apply. Test your might has much expansive list of his combos I reccomend checking that out.


I dunno if shutdown is the right term. Wolverine and Zero are ‘shut-down’ characters because they dictate the match in Marvel, or Morri/Doom completely shutting down the match momentum. Ares is more like Taskmaster: Able to do lots of different things well, but not the master at any of them. Perhaps a ‘utility’ character for his variety of tools

That being said, if this trend of keepaway stays, I expect Ares and his teleport are going to find themselves being used a lot more.


so i’m slowly starting to pick up this game and the combo system is pissing me off. not being able to double tap really throws me off but i’m getting the hang of it. i still can’t combo after his 3,d+2 consistently.

anyways, i just want to say ares is awesome. this character is so fun. most of these strats, i’ve picked up from testyourmight.com

-ares has a true 50/50 after the stomp (3).

  • chaining into d+4 (sword) hits low
  • chaining into d+2 hits overhead
    both d+2 and d+4 are around 19 to 22 frames, which can’t be blocked on reaction.

-his fireball can be ducked but it gives you slight frame advantage on block. if your opponent keeps ducking your fireball, a meter burn fireball will hit them since it is considered an overhead. its also has a pretty good hitbox

-his teleport helps a lot against zoning, but you can’t use it on reaction. its no mvc3/sf4 teleport. it has noticable startup and recovery, but against an anticipated projectile, you have more than enough time to follow up with a combo of your choice. qcf version will always end up in back of them, qcb will always end up in front

-he has a 6 frame low (d+1). yes its cancellable into down sword. down sword is safe on block (-2), but you can get interrupted between the down sword and the d+1. however, close ex god smack beats people mashing against that string. d+1 also combos into d/b+4 (low axe) but the axe is very unsafe on block and afaik, you can’t combo after the low axe

-his air normals are really good. jumping 1 is 5 frames and stays out forever. jumping 2 is 8 frames and also stays out a long time.

-his dark metamorphosis move is good for building meter by turning it on and off. meter burn turns him completely invisible. if you have full grasp of this game and character, i’m sure you can do some dirty mixups with this.

-b+1 has really good reach and is an excellent footsie tool. it has pretty good speed too. this move can also cancel into his trait (low sword to follow up for a combo)

-god smack and ex god smack are unblockable. i havent experimented it with it too much but it seems to be good to go over fireballs and be used in blockstrings/mixups. ex god smack puts the opponent in a juggle state and is the core of the unblockable setup (finish your combo into b+2,3 then ex close god smack, repeat)

about his character trait:
-his trait can be cancelled into by most of his normals
-the sword is superior than the axe. its much safer on block, faster startup and you can easily follow up with the down sword.
-the straight axe hits mid and have a pretty good hitbox but its horribly unsafe on block
-both his sword and axe can be dash cancelled. this can lead to mixups like block strings into weapon summon dash cancel into throw/d+1 into low sword

so far i’m trying to setup a mixup tree off his 2,2 chain. after 2,2 is blocked, i have the option of doing:
-3 (finishes chain, knocks back, hits mid)
-fireball for chip
-low sword (catches people blocking high and jumpers)
-high sword/axe (catches people jumping away)
-forward dash cancel weapon summon into throw or d+1 into low sword
-back dash cancel weapon summon and react
-hold the summon and react according to your opponent
-back teleport (seems easy to react against though, i will need to experiment with it)
-god smack/ex god smack

i’m sure this works with his other chains too.


Can anyone tell me how to execute an instant upward/downward axe without going through the held back animation?


never mind i figured it out but i had to use the alt. control setting


Does anyone know what nether realms meant from the patch notes, when they mentioned making Ares’ teleport option more viable on okizeme/wake-up? Specifically i wanna know if they gave it a faster start-up or not and if so, by how many frames if anyone knows.


ares teleport on wake is more reliable in getting out of some stuff.


The Arturo Sanchez video was rather helpful. Ares Teleported out of GL’s Chain Gun special no problem


Its kinda like a pseudo Akuma teleport now.


Even better, I think it might be immune to that whiff cancel option select that was demonstrated a few days ago. He was able to dodge a whiff canceled into Superman Super.

Also, now that b2 3 is no longer an untechable knockdown, it may be relevant that the only other knockdown I could find that was untechable was f1 2. But also remember that Sweeps are also untechable(at least as far as the ‘always roll’ setting on the Practice mode would have me believe). Fit in d3 at the end of a string somewhere and you get a knockdown there. As far as usefulness goes, I don’t know, that depends on a person to person basis.


By theway, Falling Axe and Sword sometimes cause stand on hit and hard knockdown. Think we can make a setup out of that?