Punishment video

How many if you punish a blocked super with cr.lp x3 x razorkick? Remy can deal some serious damage in these situations, it’s just a little harder.

Great vid. I regret not being able to play against you while you were in Cali.

cool now i know what remy can do , other than spam disc =p

That was very informative. Good video.

See you in Vegas, Dagger.

Good video.

I kinda get the feeling, some of it was inspired by the recent Pierrot Vs Pierre match, though.

Am I right?

If you’re talking about the video where pierrot did an air parry into j.fierce, cbk, dash, razorkick then no. It should be common knowledge that Remy can connect a razorkick after the cbk whether it be from a dash, or a kara.

The reason I made this video is beacause there are a lot of situations in which it seems like Remy can’t deal too much damage. For example: a fully blocked Ken SaIII is quite difficult to punish with a cr.fierce, so the other alternative would be cr.mp x razorkick or cr.lp x3 x razorkick, which yields very little damage.

If you don’t deal enough damage on punish, the opponent wont be afraid to throw out things since Remy is prone to getting randomized.

The makoto super punishment is good stuff. I had never thought that it would make a difference if you parried or made it whiff. Good find for sure

Just cause someone is on youtube on a tourney vid, does not mean everyone else is out to copy his shit. Dagger G has been working on that vid for a long ass time, and plays Remy in and out and knows everything and anything about him… Freaking japaense fan boiz.

my biggest problem with these is that I really can’t kara an rrf, and I don’t se why. I can kara a grab, a cbk and an sa, but when it comes to the rrf, I really can’t do it. I know you have to charge, stand up, standing mp, up, k but somewhere something goes wrong. tips anyone?

Practice. Seriously.

Chill out. I said it was good.

It really helped me out seeing I’m still scrubbing.

Kara razorkick is easier than you think. I think the problem lies in the fact that you think that you have to stand mp to get the kara.

All versions of Remy’s mp can result in a kara. That includes cr.mp and cl.mp. I personally find it easier to kara with the cr.mp for the razorkick.

oh, that should make it a lot easier.

about the makoto punish, why doesn’t she get launched high enough after a parry?

Same reason Chun li wont get launched high enough if you parry the last hit of her SA2…capcom hates the french :sad:

This would explain why I’m not winning any tourneys. I am part french :sad:

but wouldn’t it be possible to block the first wave of kicks, parry the next 8 or whatever it is, jump and parry the last one i the air, j.hp cr.hp cbk kara rrf?

In that case, Jump up after blocking all of Makoto’s SA2 hits and parry the last one in the air and go into a combo. Same thing.

if that’s worth doing, why not mention it in the vid? (sorry if I’m sounding critic, not what I’m trying to be)

Going in circles is fun.