Puppies and Kittens are Gangsta


I just read something disturbing guys. Apparently some of ya’ll are of the impression that liking baby animals and shit makes you a mark ass busta. That showing your vulnerability somehow makes you “weak” or soft. Of course every real hood nigga know that the biggest fake ass dude is the one that try to be hard 24/7 and real nigga always make time to appreciate the beauty of nature and shit. Bunch of turtle shelled homosexuals on this site, probably jack they dick to pizza and shit, that is not gangsta.

So with that in mind I present to you a thread about puppies and kittens doing shit that a real gangsta can appreciate.



This picture goes out to all the haters out there




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Also an article about how looking at puppies makes a nigga smarter in shit.

SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

And another study that shows that looking at cute shit helps a nigga put in work.


Thank you for supplementing my addiction.


I want to know what is the difference between watching puppies & kittens and watching MLP FIM :coffee:


@Heacatom cause it’s not “gay” remember?


My productivity has increased:


I just posted the difference. Raise productivity and concentration versus being an adhd beastiality addict. Fairly obvious. Also go up to a girl with a puppy in your hands and you are the shit. Go up to a girl with plastic ponies in your hands and you get shit on.


Angelpalm this is some gay shit :[ what happened to you, you used to be so hard and gangsta :[ Fuck kittens!


This is how real man does it, no homo


Meh, i think that i can make an argument that liking to look at kittens and puppies is for gay pedophile & zooplhile creeps.

Also, i preffer to go up to a girl with my little nephew who is just adorable, women dig a manly man with a little kid in his arms :coffee:


Confirming my suspensions Hecatom is the leader of the NAMBLA movement.


This is the most gangsta thread on SRK.


So make an argument then, but just saying it doesn’t make it so. However saying that some dude randomly coming into a thread about cute animals trying to playa hate while talking about bronies is mad suspicious. Also this isn’t just a thread about being some cute animal creeper, its also about appreciating the awesomeness that is having a puppy or a kitten irl. That’s something bronies will never get to experience along with respect and dignity.

Anyways stop acting all surprised by this thread you brand new ass niggas, leave that to this guy.



My dog was so gangsta when he was a puppy he shat worms on my sneaker.





Listen brethren this is not about puppie and kittens. This is about baby animals.

I have more time for animals than humans. Fuck humans. Once im done with the game im gona live on a farm or maybe even start an animal shelter.

Some animals deserve better lives than some humans.


No, animals and people are designed to be fond of cute things so that they won’t eat their own offsprings.


I’ve seen footage of some bugs eating their larvae offspring. Justified because larvae are some ugly kids.


-Watches anime, complains about it online
-Role plays as a female elf in dungeons and dragons
-Obsessed with puppies and kittens
-Affiliation with communist party?

Does this sound like the kind of strong role model you want raising your kids? Say no to softness, say no to closet homosexuality.

Vote kromo. The only one you can trust with your precious, precious children.