Purchaing swap costumes


Hi. I’ve bought some swap costumes for my fav chars. I’ve decided to have all swap costumes now. I have not made calculations, but I suppose it’s cheaper to buy the packs instead of every costume one by one. However, if I buy the packs, will I pay again for the costumes I’ve already purchased or will they be discounted?


You will have to pay again for the costumes you already bought since it is a pack. I did the same thing, bought like 4 costumes separately then went for the pack. Still saved me money then buying all the swaps separately.


Yes, I also have the artbook, the one translated to English, and it’s not there. By the way, it was a bit disappointing to see that they haven’t added the new characters artwork in this book. They had the chance and the time to make the book complete. I suppose the japanese fans would get jealous then :wink: