(Purchas Comple) HSS-0130 virtua twin stick, or top panel/base; Empty Hori RAP

I’m looking to see if anyone has a sega Saturn virtua pro twin stick for sale, and kinda feeling around for the pricing. If someone doesn’t have the entire thing, but just the top panel, or even just the base in good condition, I’m probably interested.

I know some people will replace the 8-button panel with a new one. I’m looking for the panel with 8buttons

I’m also looking for an Empty Hori Real Arcade Pro. it doesn’t have to have buttons in it, as at the moment i’ve just got an idea for a project, but if anyone has one in good condition, let me know what you might want for it, and if it has a pcb for it or anything.

Added that i’m looking for an empty Hori Real arcade pro stick.

Preparing pm.

I’ve got a good offer from explorer for a Hori case, but still looking if anyone has one for sale!

Payment received, HSS-0130 shipped on
5/24/13 and delivered today. Enjoy.

Thanks a ton for the stick! ill get some pics of it up soon, and esp once i get it all modded out.