Purchased AE from Amazon, will purchasing ULTRA from Steam be a problem?


I was about to pre-purchase Ultra from Steam when I realized my copy of AE was purchased from Amazon and I don’t believe it’s linked up to my Steam account at all. Anyone know without a doubt if this will or won’t be a problem?

I guess in the end I could just buy the DLC from Amazon but Steam feels more comfortable.


Uh, yeah, they need to both be from the same source.


System requirements from Amazon’s page for Ultra,
“Steam Account and Steam “Super Street Fighter IV” or “Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition” base game required for game activation and installation.”


Really says you need the Steam version of either game but no mention to Amazon’s version?


I honestly don’t know then, sorry.


If your copy of AE is not linked to your steam account…no point in buying the Ultra upgrade from Steam.


im a bit confused about this myself. I purchased AE through amazon and i have heard now that GFWL is transitioning to steam.

Therefore should i pre-purchase this upgrade from steam or amazon?

The prepurchase from steam is giving a free costume pack…although im sure there are other means to unlock all costumes anyway.

any advice?