Purchasing discontinued parts

Hey TT.

So I have recently stumbled upon Sanwa’s history page, which contains a timeline and pictures of their parts produced over the span of 30 years. Not only did I found the JL-B 2/4/8-way joystick was their first (which I have bren scouring the Net to find info on), but they also have another joystick called the JL-1.

In summation, I want to find these ancient sticks and purchase them for personal ise.

I understand that there’s no chance in hell of finding second hand JL-B’s or JL-1’s in the U.S. or the entire North American sub-continent. So basically, I’ll have to deal with contacts within Japan, or possibly travel there as a last resort.

If anyone knows what panels the JL-B and JL-1 were commonly used, please give me a heads up.

And if anybody knows a English speaking arcade enthusiast in Japan who knows his parts, please PM some contact details and proof of voucher (so they don’t think I’m a random weirdo).

This some legend of zelda type shit, traveling around the world to get the ancient Sanwa stick.

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@“Rick Ross” There’s a guy in SRKs trading outlet who was living in Japan and offering proxy goods services. You might try hitting him up to see if he can find what you’re looking for. I haven’t gotten anything through him but he seems to have been able to deliver pretty consistently based off of other user’s feedback.

What about Luke Morse? Would he know where to find and possible sell some of these discontinued parts?

random ebay poppin up

that price tho, and grimey.

Thank u very much my nigga.

Looks a little too beat up for 50 bucks IMO

It’s 50 + shipping. Which means you’re looking any where from $60 to 70.

Ouch well unless you collect them or plan to restore it in some way it’s definetly not worth it if you ask me

Lol, someone bought it. Hope it was you Rick.


Worth the money tho. It’s pretty much the only way I would find a JL-B in the states. I was almost prepared to make a trip to Japan.

Tell Us if it is a jl-b or a jl-1 when it arrives althougt from the photos it looks like a jl-b also tell us how it plays … It’s like sanwa joystick archeology you find some lost forever ever treasure and share all it’s secrets to the world

if you’re a sanwa completionist/historian a PASOKO-1000 controller is on yahoo auctions right now, I believe it also uses a JL-1/JL-B.

here’s what the insides look like

yeah, an official sanwa-branded controller for MSX.

Broken images on my end

Edit: now it works

It is a JL-B.

The JL-1 has a base constructed similarly to the JLW. No information on the spring strength, deadzone, activation, etc is on it. I have reason to believe it could be the predecessor to the JLF though.

How does it perform?

Those Sanwa JLB joysticks were common here in my homeland, all cabinets had either those or “Asahi Seiko” sticks, I remember both being OK, back then all that mattered to me was to enjoy the game and get the most fun out of my quarters, but for todays standards both sticks are plain horrible, like any stick with very long throw and engage distance.

I don’t even have it yet. The joystick won’t get here until the 14th.

Long throw and engage distance, huh? :rofl:

That’s okay, I’m the type of nigga who rides the gate anyways. I main Mika in SFV, this will definitely help me out. :nunchuck:

Lol yeah my bad