Purchasing Stick Question

I know that sticks will be sold during Evo. I need to get myself a PS3 stick my pool starts at 10am on Day 1. Now for the question…

Will the booth be up before 10am July 29th so I can get my stick purchased?

im selling my pearl white Qanba Q2 for PS3 for $100 after i finish my run on Day 1 @ the 2:00pm pools (should be quick since im a scrub). if anyone is interested give me a call/text @ 415-405-6870. its practically brand new since i had just purchased it thru play-asia. sorry i wont have the box, just the stick.

and to OP, since we can pick up our badges as early as Thursday in the ballroom, im pretty sure youll be able to get one before the action begins.