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Hey guys,

I really thought the former thread title was too confusing and misleading for any newcomers so I decided to make this new one.

We should start training seriously. I’ll be down for that as I’m aching to get back hardcore into the games again. Been too long since I read the forums for STRATS and not for procrastination lol.

Anyone from Purdue and around the area post up so we can get crackin’ again at those games!!



If people want to, my place on friday this week since it’s been a while. Probably with the usual 4-6 of us or whatever. We’ll probably have 2 consoles going on this time since we won’t have a shortage of sticks anymore, hopefully. Also waiting for a turn with a bunch of people sucks.

Probably would need Wong to contact people to see if they want to go since he’s usually the driver.

Learn some gear you foo.


Well, good news is I got a PS2 and TV of my own in my room now so I can practice.

Bad news is that it’s unmodded (and I don’t plan on modding a brand new PS2!) so I won’t be able to play Slash. Well, I guess with AC coming out, Gear is never gonna stay stable :razzy:

I have the XX version so I could play that and see what changes they made to Slash so I can put up some sort of challenge when I play you guys.

Hmm, there’s a problem for me to play this Friday because I have work around 11 am on Saturday (and I plan to hit the gym before then making it ~7 am when I need to wake up). Also, need to wake up around 9:30 am on Sunday so I can’t session too long on Saturday night either.

Actually, if Wong doesn’t mind sending me home earlier, I’d be down for both sessions. If it’s inconvenient, that’s cool I’ll just sit out for these few sessions and practice to get up to speed.

Yeah, I think it’s good to have a dedicated group of us session so the line won’t be enormously long. And I was thinking if we want to expand, we’d definitely have to do the sessions somewhere on campus. Unless we recruit some definite hardcore players, it’s probably best to separate the two sessions for now. Although, I’m always hoping for more hardcore players to join us.


There’s no classes Monday so maybe something then?


Oh yeah that works for me too. So we could session Sunday night as well. Triple blast!!


Come to the Indianapolis tournament you fools! Saturday, January 20 at Circle Centre Mall. The thread is somewhere around this midwest section. MvC2 and 3S are guaranteed tournaments with possible Tekken 5 (but there will definitely be people wanting to play Tekken anyway). Come support the Indiana scene. Play something besides Guilty Gear.


I’ll see if Jon wants to go. The way things are going right now as far as us Purdue gamers is that we’re trying to find a concrete place where people that are interested in fighting games can get together. My place is just so far off campus and the places we’ve gotten on campus can only be reserved for like 2 hours (before being taken over by halo 2 people). As far as I know, a good chunk of the 3s players on campus don’t check this forum at all and it’s really hard to contact people other than randomly meeting them in the union arcade.

As far as the tourney itself goes, I’m inclined to go to support the Indy scene but it semi-depends on who else from here is coming with me, whom of which I’ll probably talk to at whatever meetup we have this weekend. I also haven’t played 3s in like forever, which is like the only game I’ll be interested in there.

Got any info from which dudes from ft.wayne/bloomington are definately going? Is Panda going?


I posted this in the other thread.

Purdue people: Hey it’s been a while. If any of you would like to go to the tourney on the 20th, I going to be going through Lay. on the way to Indy. If you would like a ride, I can get up to six in my car so that would leave room for five people. I will be coming back that night. Let me know!!!


I am the only one from Fort Wayne planning to go for sure but I fully expect about 2 or 3 others to end up coming too. We’ll see.

Panda is from Michigan City and sadly they are impossible to get ahold of or if I do find contact with them they can never do anything. So no, he won’t be around.

Bloomington will have Dave, and I’d assume Eric Nunes (we all stayed at his place that night) and maybe another. Dave is having a party at his place in Bloomington after the tournament.

Tim, glad to see you plan on coming. I’ve actually been involved with CvS2 lately, but not from a playing standpoint. I have been talking with a kid from New York on the internet, just giving him some random tips about the different grooves and teaching him how to roll cancel, and pointing him in the direction of certain videos and strategies. He’s learning quite quickly from what he tells me. Anyway he doesn’t believe me that Todo can be any good in the game so perhaps I’ll be video taping a match of us on Xbox sometime or at the Indy tournament just to show him what’s up with that. :rofl:


I’ll be down for this tournament, but I suck at all the games there (main is SC3), but I don’t really care as I’m willing to learn any fighting game as long as there is a big community for it and interest.

So yeah, if any Purdue guys want to go consider me in. I’ll be your cheerleader! :lovin:


Posting cuz wong’s an idiot and forgot his password.


So, who’s exactly coming or needs an actual ride? Also, where do we need to meet up at? I would suggest the Meyer on 26 by I-65 if possible.


the indy tourney sounds great, anybody thinking of going together/car pooling?


Hey, Carzy Dog: I’m willing to drive four or five of you guys down if you need a ride. I’ve met several of you before when you hosted a tourney last year. Just let me know if you need a ride.


Sorry guys for the delay, at this point I dunno if I can make it and it doesn’t sound like we have anything set so far so we might not be able to make it. I don’t know about the others, but if nothing works out, I won’t be able to go.

Oh well, there’s gotta be a next time!


If you missed out on Season’s Beatings in Dec, here’s another chance to play Ohio’s best – 2/24, check it out, hope to see you there.
Sponsor is putting up bonus $$ to the winners.


yea. i think im gonna be heading to purdue this friday for a birthday party. is there any arcades there? im pretty sure that im not gonna have time but kinda all depends when we leave. the last time i stayed there, it took like 2-3 minutes to walk to einstein bagel.


Necromancy! Sorry about that. But anyway, if anyone in the Purdue area magically decides to read this post and likes to play fighting games, hit me up on facebook (Andrew Eskind) because I will most likely not check back here anytime outside of the very near future.


Not sure if this is even bumpable, but I’m transferring to Purdue this fall, willing to play any fighting games offline or w/e. I got a 360 w/: SF4, SF Anniversary Edition (has 3rd strike, and hyper fighting w/ all the sf2 char types from all iterations), HDR, MvC2, BlazBlue, and KOF12. Also gonna get a ps3 stick soon to play w/ ps3ers. Hit me up gonna be sharing an apt w/ my twin brother who is kinda into fighting games atm & a friend so it’ll be cool to play there I’m sure.

Tried searching for Andrew Eskind(a), nothing showed up, hope all of you didn’t graduate or something.


Some of us are still pretty close so if you want to play, just post up a location or something. Are you heading for the Gold Rush soon?