Pure stick newbie looking for decision help ><

I’m on a tight budget REALLY tight and I would like to get the opinions of more experienced stick users. Its the decision between the hori fighting stick EX2 or the SF IV fightstick. If possible can the pros and cons be listed so I can evaluate personally but I would love to hear opinions also and if you guys got another good cheap stick you can recommend comment too.

(lol 1st post wazzup guys)

i think we all know that madcatz sux so go with the hori

I had some bad experiences with madcatz but ill get some more opinions…

Ive Ordered the Standard Edition SFIV stick… its my first ever stick and im going to mod it straight away with sanwa parts, the guide on here is excellent and is very simple to do so i can’t wait to mod it as soon as i get it.

hori EX2 is a hunk of crap and the PCB will die on you. I don’t know how the quality is on the madcats fight stick is so you should check on the mega super fat huge thread on the madcatz SF product line. benefit of the madcatz stick is you can easily upgrade it later but 80 bucks for a stock stick is pretty expensive…

Hmmm @ 80 bucks its kinda crazy but ex2 junk? care to explain?

the PCB dies quite easily on them, the joystick is terrible, buttons are stiff, box is light, hard to mod and on and on and on.

hmm maybe ill go get the fightstick