Purple Dust Cover / Shaft?


I’m trying to find a place that sells these but, the only one I could find was one in violet which, is not purple enough.

Anyone know where I can find purple Dust Covers & Shaft?


Home - GameShark Store is the only place I know of that has colored plastic shaftcover/washer sets, but I’d bet thats where you looked already.
Other than that, you can wait a bit for LizardLick to get the aluminum shaft covers and washers I’m sending them. There’s a picture of the purple and ‘dark blue’ colors in this post:


I’m definitely gonna wait for those, thank you.


why not vinyl dye a white one purple?



Another thing to put on my list of Toodles Electronics Part-to-Buy!

  • At least two MC Cthulus
  • At least one Flash PCB when they’re ready
  • and it looks like at least one aluminum shaft. Don’t know if it’s going to be a JLF shaft swap (easy!) or an LS-32-01 mod (harder, metal definitely gets hot when you file it!).


No don’t buy the ones from madcatz store they are more of a light blue color.


The GameShark stuff is overpriced IMHO.

Everything is about $2 more than you’d pay at another shop. I’m surprised they’re charging more for common place items like Sanwa pushbuttons.
If you’re not going to buy multiple bezels ($15???), you’d be better off spray-painting your existing bezel with dye!
The only thing I’d seriously consider buying off the site would be the plastic shaft/cover sets. Those are probably the hardest things to paint well… You could also mod those like the JLF-CD to fit an LS-32 series joystick shaft, too.


the gameshark dustwashers also have hadouken directions on them so its a bit better than painting the stock jlf dust washer. Also i think vinyl dyeing something thats black wont have good results.