Purple Eyes Only: Juri Video Thread (Updated: 9-28-10)



So…that may not be then only appearance by me on Excellent Adventures. Wait for next week’s episode.


Good showing on CPT as well. Very close to beating Mike Ross. Would be cool if you become a regular in their shows, having that Juri presence there.


Kryemore @ 44:59


Some sets of my friend. Sry about the quality

start of this vid til the middle


47:00 a guy called “princess slim”. He was good. There is another Juri match just before his.

03:35:40 @Diaphone.

01:17:00 Diaphone vs K-brad

01:53:27 Diaphone vs Marq Teddy

Good matches Diaphone.


Derrick Legend vs Gootecks

it’s the third match


Got a new video coming out soon


[quote=“Triox, post:4607, topic:99186”]

Got a new video coming out soon


Hope you upload more content for Juri in SFV, you are the best guys.


friend’s Juri at 51 minutes (vs Blanka)

vs Cody/Hakan (mini tourney)


I have been spending more time on the SFV Juri thread I have forgotten to come here. Can’t wait to watch that video, Triox.


^Are you on the FB group by any chance?


Didn’t even know there was an SFV Juri thread


If you mean me, I think I took a look at it once but thought it was an Asian local group. Tell me if I am mistaken lol.

Yeah, I’ll hook both of you up lol.


Nope it’s not. It’s for Juri players in general if you mean the one I PM’d you


VS Brolylegs Tonycrust and El Mocha Latte

The match below is my trying to adjust to my new Hori Fightpad. The face buttons are really far apart
so it’s harder for me to do ex moves. I can barely do divekicks also. It’s gonna take a while but I’m getting the hang of it.


I cant wait to see her in street fighter v


I like this comeback and im anticipating sf5. So just thought id show some matches. Im terrible by the way.

Heres another too.


that armor FSE cancel is pretty sick


just gonna put my last few matches here.
deleted the game. game died when V dropped anyway.

peace out, see ya online in August!!!