Purple Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons

Anyone know where i can buy some? and i don’t mean violet like the ones on lizardlick.com

Purple color does not exist for OBSF-30. Only Violet.

damn Violet, next you going to tell me I can’t get gray plungers with black rims only Dark hai.

Sanwa’s dark blue looks closer to purple than the violet, but that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Eh, I have them. They look pretty blue to me.

Sanwa Dark Blue looks halfway between true dark blue and Gamecube Indigo to me.

that’s a bit over priced… anyone else of another place?

That’s actually a bit cheaper than the buttons on Focus Attack but only by like 10 cents

That is actually cheap.

They don’t get much cheaper than that. IDK how much the shipping is with that site…You can try paradisearcades, LizardLick, or focusattack.

yeah the shipping is ridiculous…

I thought you did not want that color though.

Yeah, I’d say it’s closer to indigo, too. It’s less of a blue-blue and more of a violet-blue.

Colors are NEVER seen the same by everyone. Iris colors and visual defects insure that no two people see the world’s colors the same way.

To me, Seimitsu Red and Sanwa Vermillion are Red-Orange. Sanwa Violet seems more like a deep Violet Pink. Sanwa (Dark) Blue is closer to an Indigo shade. There are people who DON’T see what to me are obvious differences between Sanwa’s Red shade and Seimitsu’s (Red-Orange) Red. Very, very different colors… Do not mix Sanwa Red and Seimitsu Red! They are not the same shades…

For non-artists, “purple” is common misspeak for “violet.” NEVER say purple around an art teacher! Violet’s the correct term.

The thing is that with shipping I would never make an order for less than $20 now. It’s not worth it just for domestic shipping – especially for overseas parts orders. When you can accumulate enough for $50 worth of parts THEN place the order. For LizardLick (US shipping only), if you were only going to buy a Seimitsu or Sanwa joystick, $24 would be okay for placing the order. For Akihabarashop.jp, you best be looking at $70+ if you’re going to order from those guys. You don’t want to use less than EMS-insured for their orders. Non-EMS shipping is a good way to lose both your money AND parts.

Blue and red make purple. Purple and blue make violet. (Or violet is a bluish purple.)

If you took some white Sanwa’s, sanded the shine off them and mixed some red and blue dye accordingly, you could have purple buttons. If you did this, I would suggest a hint of magenta. I’m actually color blind so I need my wife to help me when I dye stuff. Shiny coat optional. Use proper ventilation!